Wednesday, April 27, 2011

God's Blessings

In my life, I have discovered that often plans fall to the wayside.  There are a great many things I'm not good at.  There are times in my life that struggles endure.  All of this was meant to be. 

God gives us creativity as an outlet.  An actual, physical way to share the skills gifted to us, to express the joys He provides us.  I'm blessed to say He has provided me with many such outlets, though I do not always find time to put them to use. 

I can write - great words across pages that express so much and so little at the same time.  I paint - beautiful designs onto ceramics and glass and whatever else I can find to place my expressions on.  I take photos - of all the beautiful things He provides in my life.  I sing - to my beautiful babies daily.  And much more, that I'm sure skips my notice every day.

These are small things compared to the greatness of Him.  Small things compared to the greatness of many others too.  But in everything we are each only a small part of God's greatest intentions.  His master plan.

In all things we should give thanks to God, give thanks for the things He provides us with, He blesses us with.  Without his Divine leadership and His great Love, we would have nothing and we would be nothing.  I am thankful for this, for the good He allows me to have in my life, for the beauty He allows me to share and for the Love that He alone can give.  I am thankful in more ways than I can count or show and more ways than even I know. 

How has God blessed you today?

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