Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just an update - April 20,2011

First I have to say, that my growing son is going to eat me out of house and home.  Seriously where did this kid develop his sudden hunger?  And his little sisters are not far behind him.  Growth spurts contribute to much of it.  They are growing and growing requires more food to fill up their small systems.  Fuel.  Fuel to run their sweet bodies and charge their overflowing minds.  But it is CRAZY how much food they can eat!  Wow!!

In my first steps to a more balanced life, I have been putting up inspirational quotes in both obvious and less obvious places throughout the house.  The ones I have placed are written in print for the kids to be able to read, though they are more for me at this time than for them.  My next step will be to create some simple quotes, both biblical and inspiring, to place around for the kids to read.  I think inspiration is important for us all.

One thing I've noticed is that my inspiration for redesigning my house has hit a "blah-pffff" moment, as if all the air has been deflated from my enjoyment of life and home.  In combatants, I have been watching HGTV, Food Network, reading blogs and magazines for ideas.  Is it helping?  No not really, at this time, but maybe something will click eventually! LOL

In my reading, I have found some great books.  I'm not revealing which ones as of yet, but I will reveal that they have one common thread.  Just Do Something!  That's right, just get up and DO something!  Do it with God in mind, showing your love for Him and the Life He's blessed us with, for the beautiful children He's gifted to us.  Just Do It! (Sounding like the Nike commercial now.)

And have I been "just doing it"?  Well yea, I have.  I have started with cleaning out our outside building.  (Huge building that is seriously bigger than some of the first American homesteads.)  There is so much room in there but in it's continuous disorganization you couldn't tell it.  My goal is to get it organized enough to sort through over the summer and also find some storage to put some of the extra "junk" still in the house out there for now, until I can chunk it or find it's "home" inside (or in the building, as I see fit!).

This brings me to another realization, which I have known for a while.  I'm a spoiled, lazy American girl!  There are days when I sit back and wonder: If I had to live 100 years ago, would I have survived?  My answer: only if I was rich!  I'm too spoiled to modern day conveniences, like dishwashers, washing machines, computers and the internet.  There are many days when I have trouble just getting up and doing anything.  I find I have been trained that my "wants" are most important and should come before the "needs" of housekeeping and care-taking of home and life.  I find a lot of American's have this same problem today, which is why you can now find a million how-to, cleaning and organization websites online. 

As you can see, I've been pretty busy lately mostly with re-organizing my brain and learning more about myself and about homekeeping.  There's still much more to come but for now I think this is about as good a start as any.  God bless all!

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