Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful For Much In Life {Thoughts From Me}

Thankful for:

Small smiles in the morning.
Sweet kisses on the top of a brown haired head.
Sweet tiny kisses square on the lips.
Smelly dogs who love you know matter what.
Victoria's Secret body sprays.
Flowers in bloom.
Singing voices rejoicing with made up songs from the heart.
Unexpected visits.
Challenging the norm.
Boys who love Lego's.
Girls who love to cook.
Baby dolls and Barbie dolls and match box cars.
Grass underneath my bare toes.
Turtles in the pond.
Squirells in the trees.
That perfect shade of lipstick and nailpolish.
Long flowing skirts and comfy jogging pants.
Snuggling beneath the covers pretending to be "cold".
Movies that run late.
Lemonade Mouth on DVR.
Easter Eggs.
The Resurrection.
A long talk with God.
Peace in my heart.
Bottles of wasted shampoo as a little girl learns to wash her own hair.
Smiles from knowing they helped and did a good job.
Knocks on my door, followed by "Good Morning Momma".
"I love you, Mommy"
"Mommy, Mommy, Mommeeeee" a hundred times a day.
Music in my heart.
Warm sun shining down and cool rain wetting my skin.
The color Pink (and Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Green).
Abstract drawings done by little hands.
Coloring out of the lines.
Lines scribbled over pages.
Books with worn bindings.
Bibles with Jesus on the cover.
Good food.
Sweet Iced Tea.
Pecan Pie.
Faces covered with chocolate and hands to match.
Bubbles blown into the wind.
Holding little bodies close as we rock for hours.
Sweet babies sleeping safely in their beds.

These are only a few of the many things I am thankful for everyday.

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