Sunday, April 3, 2011

Writing and more

I think I may be getting the writing bug again thanks to a new group I have joined on Facebook.  It's a small group of like-minded women who enjoy writing about many things and enjoy discussing those writings and sharing in the triumphs and disappointments of each one.  It's spurred my thinking again and is providing me with just the intellect I need in my life. 

I love to write.  I love making words touch others, making them flow into thoughts, paragraphs, short stories and I love seeing the results of my writing in final form.  I think I am good at writing, though at this point I feel I am very out of practice.  And there are days when the words just won't come because there is so much busy-ness in the way of them.  Writer's block is an atrocious thing!

There are many things I love doing but never seem to have time for.  Writing, painting, cake baking, simple home cooking, photography, drawing, reading, watching movies, and even blogging.  I would love to find time to do each one of these things but often Life calls instead.  (Speaking of Life - new header above ^^^)

My quest for the things I should be doing, for the changes in me, has turned into a quest to organize my life and my time so that I can do the things I enjoy.  Organization is yet another thing that has always eluded me.  My cluttered mind only echoes that of my cluttered life, completing the Chaos of my world.  Add children on top of that and it's a downward spiral all the way!

Speaking of children, the kids and I have been busy buying seeds to plant for the garden and can hardly wait to get them started this week.  We will be constructing a bigger light box than we originally expected and planting many different things: squash, watermelon, lima and green beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, and much more.  We also have a few flowers to plant, including four o'clocks to toss down our ditchbank to grow on the side.  I can't wait for those to grow so the kids can time them to open and close each day just like I used to as a small child! 

We will be reading more about plants this week, in Botany and as I said completing our light box.  We will hopefully be taking a field trip to look at the plants tomorrow, now that it's dried out a bit, before the rains come again on Tuesday. 
We will also read more of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which the kids are extremely excited to do.  When we finish I will order the movie for them to watch from Netflix, so that we can compare the book to the movie like we do with all of our Literature.
We will be playing catch up in History this week as we missed a couple of days of lessons last week when we were involved in Life Lessons.  We are currently covering Prehistoric History and will be beginning timelines soon.  I'm looking for Historic People to use on our timelines but haven't had success with it yet.
And of course we have all our other studies of math, reading, writing and Bible.  Our weeks never fail to be busy and full of Life for us.

Hopefully somewhere in there, I can schedule some time for me to write but for now I guess I'll just continue to enjoy Luv'N Lambert Life!

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