Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blogging Rocks {Thoughts From Me}

Ok. Truth.

I enjoy blogging.
I enjoy seeing new faces in my friends list online.
I enjoy sharing my life with those new faces, and letting them get to know us better.
I enjoy getting to know those new faces better too.
I love writing, though it's not always easy or flowing or something I have time to do.

In 10th grade, my English teacher suggested I become a writer.  On that day, I thought he was absolutely crazy, had completely lost his mind.  I'm talking NUTS was this man.  On this day, I'm thinking ok, maybe he knew me better than I gave him credit for.

There are days when I burn to write.  When all my thoughts jumble up and fight to see who comes out on top.  Today's winner: blogging and writing! LOL

Oh I enjoy reading too.  Reading about moments in other's lives.  Reading funny messages.  Reading statuses, both good and bad.  Seeing photos that match the sweetest and not so sweet moments in life.  It's modern day letter writing at it's best.  Quick, easy and so much joy.

Someone recently asked me why people want to put such things online.  My answer: why not?  Why not share your life, touch others, build friendships you wouldn't have any other way?  Why not share the good and the bad with those that come in life with those who care about you?  Why not recieve support that would otherwise be lacking in your life, by allowing others to see you at both your best and your weakest?  Isn't sharing the love what God intended for us all?  To help each other through, hold each other up, pray for one another.  Weren't these things all God's intention in allowing us to live? 

I am often thankful for this little connection that allows me to share and support others.  I have shared God's word and love many times thanks to the internet and blogging.  Sometimes big blessings come in small packages that lead to bigger things.  And in my opinion, blogging rocks!

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