Saturday, June 25, 2011

32 Things I Love About My Children {Thoughts from Me}

In Honor of my 32nd birthday, I have been writing a series called 32 Things. This is my fourth entry: 32 Things I Love About My Children.

1. My son, my first-born, is peaceful and quite when it matters most.
2. He always thinks of others first and is first to jump in to help me no matter how hard.
3. My Mimi has a faith in God that I can only wish to achieve.
4. My Laycie astonishes me with how loving she is.
5. My children have an amazing sense of humor.
6. I love all of their smiles.
7. I love the colors of their eyes: two brown and one blue-green like her Momma's.
8. I love their need to learn.
9. I love that they enjoy being children long after most kids get to.
10. I love each of their sense of style.
11. I love that my Win can win a video game like no bodies business and has learned not to give up even when its most frustrating.
12. I love Mimi's need for art, to express herself openly the way she most enjoys.
13. I love Laycie's need to spread joy to others, even those she does not know.
14. I love their focused interest in all things they attempts to do.
15. I love their messiness that makes our house home.
16. I love their differing abilities and watchimg them come together to do anything they want.
17. I love the care they show their little sister, and how they never leave her out.
18. I love their laughs.
19. I love hearing their heartbeats, knowing they are each a Gift from God.
20. I love my girls love dressing up as much as their Momma does.
21. I love watching them play together.
22. I love that my children love.
23. I love seeing God through their eyes in every place we pass.
24. I love my boy's love for ketchup.
25. I love my girls love for ranch dressing.
26. I love that my they love each other.
27. I love to watch them run, to hear them sing and see them dance.
28. I love that God blessed me with all of them, each unique.
29. I love to see them growing strong.
30. I love their shared interests.
31. I love how they love me back, not just because I'm their Mom but because they know I love them more than they can even fathom.
32. I love each of them through and through.

God has blessed us with four amazing kids and for that we are truly thankful. I could not ask for more!

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