Wednesday, June 22, 2011

32 Things I'm Thankful For {Thoughts from Me}

Number 2 of my 32 series is 32 Things I am Thankful For:

  1. My beautiful children.
  2. The smell of a clean home.
  3. Soft clothes to wear.
  4. Seizure-free days.
  5. Swings.
  6. Puppy kisses.
  7. Bubbles and balls to chase.
  8. Water sprinklers that bring about children's laughter.
  9. Turtles in our pond.
10. Birthday cakes made by Mom to make the day special (even when it's her own!)
11. Cameras to capture the memories.
12. Sweet iced tea.
13. Rain upon my skin.
14. Sun upon it too.
15. Walks in the woods.
16. Running to hug.
17. Sweet, simple smiles.
18. Medications that work.
19. Forgiveness.
20. God's unconditional love.
21. Naps on Daddy's side of the bed.
22. Good stories and "read it again Mom".
23. Learning naturally.
24. Words that are hard to understand: except to me.
25. Words that need no sound to express them.
26. Love.
27. Long driveways.
28. Tadpoles and baby brim to catch.
29. A husband who works hard for his family.
30. Home.
31. Clouds that make shapes.
32. Every single day I am blessed to be alive to enjoy these thankful things.


  1. wonderful list. Welcome to the crew!

  2. Great list! I'm following you from the Terrific Thursday Blog Hop! I'd love a follow back!

    <3 Melissa @ knit purl baby

  3. Everyone should make a daily list of things to be thankful for - just as a reminder of all the good we have. New follower from Terrific Thursday.
    Debbie from

  4. So great of you to think of so many things to be greatfull for. I should do this more. I am a new follower from Terrific Thursday.


  5. Following you through the blog hop! I also make list of things I'm thanful for- it's a great practice!!

  6. Stopping over from the blog hop! thanks for cohosting this week!

    What a great list of things to be thankful for. One question though...what is baby brim?


  7. Thanks ladies for all stopping by! I had no idea I was co-hosting the hop!!

    Jennifer - I look forward to working with you on the crew. :)

    Melissa - love your adorable baby outfit in your header and your adorable family! :) Thanks for following.

    Debbie- we all definitely should and that's why I made this list! :)

    Kadie - I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by ours!!

    Ellen - you are right, it is great practice! :)

    Lisa - A brim is a fish! :) We have them in our pond, along with bass, turtles and more! :)


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