Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Fannneee

I skimmed and I deleted your devout and judgemental comment. Are you so ashamed of yourself that you must hide behind a false profile to post? I suppose so. What I do is my business, Dear Fanneee and no concern to you, nor do my sins reflect your future. I live with a man that I love, who deeply loves me and we are BOTH ok with that. I am sorry that you are not. Perhaps out of your own jealousy? My children are and have always been cared for out of my pocket and do not lack for anything they are in need of. Perhaps, if you spent more time concentrating on things that matter most in your own life, you wouldnt feel the need to attempt pretending to be God and judging others. Jealousy over others happiness is a SIN too so please be careful as you aim your stones and toss them at others.

P.S. He's already purchased this cow, signed sealed and delivered, between me, God and himself. Thanks for your concern though!

Have a blessed day! <3

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  1. Someone seriously wrote that crap to you? I love reading peoples blogs, if someone becomes offensive to me in some way, I stop reading. It's not up to people to judge, especially judging a stranger that they only get tidbits of their life. soapbox. Sorry you had to deal with that.


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