Monday, June 13, 2011

Prayer {Thoughts From Me}

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the greatest at Praying.  You will never see me set into writing a prayer for you, me or anyone else.  You will never hear me speak a prayer past a pre-written speech taught to millions daily for this very purpose.

It's not that I don't know HOW to pray, or what to say when I'm talking to God.  We - God and I - have a great relationship.  I talk to him just like I would my Father.  To be honest, He's the only REAL father I've ever had.  We often have indepth, life changing conversations with one another, just like I would with a real live Dad.

I tell him things, like how I wish my dear friend's child wasn't sick or how I hope he finds a permanent home for my sweet friend soon.  How I hope Laycie doesn't wake up and have a seizure tomorrow and I'm thankful Emmalee no longer has them.  Sometimes He reassures me, sometimes I hear him "speak" telling me all will be ok.  Other times there is silence, just peaceful tranquility that only God Himself brings.

I can't put these things into a melodical prayer.  I can't write them into pretty words and sentences, like some do.  But I can talk, just simply TALK to God and let him know what I'm thinking, feeling, wishing for others that I care about, who have touched my soul. 

This is simple chat with my Father is how I pray.  How do you pray?


  1. Based on what Scripture says, I'm certain the Lord does not prefer those "pretty" pre-written prayers. Instead, he wants us to come to him in a real way. We wouldn't write out our talks to our parents - so we don't need to do anything formal like that with the Lord either. :^)

  2. That is certainly true, Tina. And exactly how I like to look at it! Thanks for your encouragement. ((HUGS))

  3. I talk to God too as I would my best friend. I couldn't ask for a better friend :).

    New follower.
    (I only use blogger to comment)

  4. Welcome Terri and thanks for the comment! :)


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