Friday, June 17, 2011

Simply Blank {Thoughts From Me}

Sometimes I sit here and do my best to think of a blog post filled with information to share.  It doesn't come.  I shut off the computer and the words and thoughts flow but I'm unable to write because the computer is closed.

Last night my mind was FILLED with wonderful posts.  I had all the right words for at least three different posts.  But I wasn't prepared to write.

Tonight I waited, purposefully, for the thoughts and the words to come along but they haven't.  They have stood me up, left me alone, to make do with what does come. 

I have no words of wisdom, no thought provoking, life changing idea to share.  Just a bunch of words to create a lame post about how I have no idea what to write about.  Some call this writers block.  I guess it is.

Maybe tomorrow night will bring forth great groups of words to share.  Tonight I grow tired, well past when I should be and give into the lack of inspiration that has control of me.

So until next time...


  1. Hello Sweet Angel,

    I am returning a follow. Your kids and Justain are so adorable. I completely understand about writer's block. As a professional writer, I get it all the time. Not fun! I am very thankful you are following me. Thanks for sharing your life. Have a great day.

    Nicole Weaver
    Trilingual Children's Author

  2. Hi New follower, hope you will follow back
    Let me know if you follow me on twitter and FB Fanpage will follow back..thanks

  3. Thank you for your sweet words, Nicole. It's wonderful to meet you and I look forward to being blog friends. :)

    Welcome sskcraftshop. I always follow back and look forward to knowing you better through blogging. :)


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