Monday, June 27, 2011

To Blog, or Not to Blog {Thoughts from Me}

I've been sitting here the last few hours thinking about whether I wanted to write tonight or not.  I have been questioning a great many things, even though I know I should just keep moving forward.  It is hard to overcome self and let Jesus work in our life.  As humans, we have a need to remain in control.  As you can tell, writing has won this night.

My weekend has been unusually wonderful.  I must thank my blog "hater" for their post because it really made me take a look into my life and my heart to realize that yes, I'm really at a point in my life that I am happy.  Truly and amazingly, simply HAPPY.  And my weekend has been filled with nothing BUT happiness.

Saturday, the kids were thrilled to be able to wake up and play together.  They played outside for a long time.  They even picniced outside, eating pizza for dinner.  Saturday is pizza night at our house  Then they came inside, got a nice bath and watched a movie before bed.

Sunday mornings are often slow for us and today was no different.    After a quick breakfast, they donned their swimsuits and with a quick text we were out the door to visit a good friend for a day of swimming.  After eating a snack (ok, more like a meal) of various junk foods, they were ready to jump in for some water fun!   I spent my afternoon chilling with two of my best friends.  It was a great day away from the house.  The kids didn't want to leave but were excited at the idea of going to swim and visit again one day soon! 

We made it home, cooked a quick dinner of Sloppy Joes and Chili Cheese Fries..  Laycie got to go for a ride.  Then kids watched a movie while I got caught up online.

It was a wonderful weekend, despite efforts to discourage our faith and relationship made online.  Tonight I feel like a kid hyped up on the best kind of candy: I call it the candy of LIFE.  God has taken the bad and shown me the BEST and I could not be more thankful for His blessings, for His willpower to overcome that sent by the Devil to destroy.  God is the Ultimate Warrior, defending what is made right by Him and leading those who follow in His steps, shining light on the right path, like a beaming beacon in the night.  I feel blessed to have found this path, with even my Mustard Seed of Faith to guide me.  My Mustard Seed has been planted and allowed to grow into a gently blossoming tree with the guidance of His love.  For that, I could not be more thankful.  For ALL of His blessings, I could not be more thankful.

God bless and good night!

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