Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update: Wearing Skirts {Thoughts from Me}

Two weeks ago today, I wrote a blog post called New Goal: Wearing Skirts.  This post challenged me to change my style of dress at home and in public.

Since writing that blog post, I have worn a dress or a skirt almost every day.  I can only think of two times that I didn't wear one: a visit to a friends where shorts were more appropriate for the day and when I was mowing our grass.  On both those days I wore shorts.

I have really enjoyed this challenge. Writing about how much I loved wearing dresses as a little girl started me thinking about why I had changed this attitude in my self.  I realized that over time I adapted to social expectations that are not really me and I have challenged myself to rethink those ideals.  I also adapted to the likes of other's instead of staying true to myself.

Over the last two weeks, I have worked to change those things about my life.  I have worn a dress almost daily, though no makeup and I haven't done much with my hair past my normal wash, dry and pull it up.  I'm wearing flip flops with most of the dresses, simply because I haven't had time to do much else. 

Still the change has affected my entire household, well except for my son!  Both my girls also want to wear dresses.  They often change throughout the day, as little girls are known to do and most of those changes include their lovely dresses or a skirt.  I am thankful that they enjoy this style of dress as much as I do!

Even Josh's attitude is changing.  He cannot wait to get home just to see what dress I have on.  He is complimenting me more and enjoying the changes in me too.  I am thankful for this change in our life.

Last week, I mentioned to Josh that I wanted to get rid of most of my pants and shorts and replace them all with skirts and dresses.  He was all for it!  For my birthday, he provided me with a small shopping spree to buy new tops, skirts and dresses to make this wish of mine happen.  I was estatic to find 6 cute dresses, 9 tops and 2 lovely skirts.  I have spent this week matching new outfits and old pieces to create an adorable wardrobe to wear.  I will take some new pictures later to share with you all. (Camera battery is dead right now!)

For my next part of this challenge, I think I will challenge myself to do my hair and makeup everyday.  No sense looking cute in dresses without doing up the hair and face too!  I can only imagine what a change that will make in my days.  Something I will greatly look forward to! 

How about you? Have you ever thought about wearing more skirts or dresses to see what a change it makes in you?  Give it a try today!


  1. I absolutely love skirts and dresses. It just makes me feel so feminine and proud to be a woman!

  2. I've tried wearing skirts, but - just as you realized you were dressing to meet others' expectations while wearing pants - that's what I found for myself with skirts. It's just not "me." I always dress modestly, for sure, but pants are more my style. That said, I know I need to do some work with purposing to pull myself together most days - more putting on pants or even jeans instead of "living" in my yoga pants...doing my hair and make-up, etc. The idea of being more pulled together is very good.

  3. Beauty and the Green: It certainly does!! I'm so enjoying feeling more girly! :)

    Tina: It's not for everyone but I agree we should do our best to appear pulled together. I think it's important in raising daughters too, especially when we homeschool, as we are the main female they have to look up to and learn from. :) I will say I did wear pants today, as I was in a hurry and had no time to shave! LOL


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