Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011-2012 Curriculum Part 1

As I mentioned in my last post, this year we will be stepping out of unschooling and into more structured school-style.  Think relaxed but formal.  I think a little more structure is necessary for our days and what better place to start than with school.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't use grade levels in our school.  I consider both Winston and Emmalee to be Elementary level and in comparison to public school, they are on different levels in different subjects throughout the spectrum.  I do not place them into one single catergory because of this.

That said, I do consider my youngest to be in preschool.  She will be beginning "real" studies with us this year.  We will work through various workbooks, learning letters and numbers, number relation and early writing skills.  I'm not 100% sure what curriculum I will be using with her yet but hope to figure it out very soon.

Winston and Emmalee will be continuing much of the curriculum we used last year.  We will be adding and changing several things but I am still working out the details.  The books we will be using are as follows:

This book is part of the What We Believe series published by Apologia Press.  We began it last year but will dive into it further this year.  I hope to add the accompaning color book at some point before we finish the book.  It is a look at Biblical Worldview written for Elementary level students (ages 6-14). 

For Science, we will be working through Apologia's Exploring Creation series.  Astronomy, Botany, and Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day are the current titles we own but I hope to add the others soon.  We LOVE this science program.  Each book fully covers its subject, instead of working in bits and pieces like other science curriculums.  Each book also relates the subject to the Bible and teaches a child to see science through God's eyes instead of the world's view.

For Reading, we will be working through Pathway Readers reading program.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this reading program.  The books are simply written but very enjoyable.  They are Amish style, keeping twaddle to a minimum.  They are perfect for Charlotte Mason type homeschools. 

For Grammar, we will also be using Pathway's Climbing to Good English program.  We haven't use this yet so it will be new for us.  I really think it's perfect for my kids though and that they will really enjoy it.  I guess we will see!  We will also continue working with Scott Foresman's Grammar and Handwriting books, which we also LOVE (and they are FREE).  
For Math, we will continue to use Miquon.  We absolutely LOVE Miquon.  It's perfect for us.  The kids love the simple activities.  They also love using the Cuisenaire Rods for each activity.  Some days we even pull out Lego's to use instead, which the kids love even more!

For History, we will be using multiple things and I am totally EXCITED!  History is by far my favorite subject to teach.  This year I found a great deal on Tapestry of Grace, Classic Edition.  I know there is a newer version and I should probably invest in that but if we like Year One Classic this year, I will go with the new version next year.  Just going to take our time and see how it goes!

Along with TOG, we will be using both Mystery of History Volume 1 and Story of the World Volume 1.

We will be using these with TOG as our main history curriculum and Mystery of History as our secondary history, while using Story of the World stories and activities to add to and fill in as I feel necessary.  Using the three of these together will give us the best well-rounded version for History over-all.

These are the things I know we will be using this year but I'm still working out details.  I have other curriculum we will be using too but I haven't quite completed that list for us.  I'm really looking forward to our lessons this year and I know the kids are too.  Now just to finish writing up schedules and lesson plans so we can get started.

What are your curriculum plans for this year?  I love hearing what other's are using so please comment, share a link and share! <3


  1. Great plan! Looks a lot like our plan. We will have to share notes & experiences. =)

  2. Looks like you are going to have a good year! All the best!

  3. What a line up! Love, love, love TOG! We've used the Apologia elementary series before and will be starting it again with my youngest this year. MOH is so interesting to read too! You are in a for a fabulous year!

  4. We're using Pathway Readers for the first time and we're excited. We tried SOTW, but I think they were too young, I'm excited to start it up again this year!

  5. I'm stopping into visit you from the curriculum link-up at Training Children up for Christ. I am finding so many people using Tapestry of Grace and The Story of the World! I have friends that use them and love them, but I have never looked into them.

  6. Look like a nice line up. We are TOG lovers here. I have never heard of these grammar programs I am going to have to check them out. Nice to meet you from the crew.

  7. Oh look at all the Apologia! Wow! :) I love it from what I've seen on their site - want to start collecting them for reference books.
    (visiting from the link up at Training Children up for Christ)
    Have a great year!

  8. We seem to like a lot of the same stuff!
    I am going to check out those pathyway readers.

    Thanks for linking up with me!!!

  9. love your plans!

    I'm a new follower on gfc & fb!

    I'm at:

    and -

    we have a lot in common!
    Homeschool Lounge - & more

  10. We are relaxed homeschoolers along with being eclectic, it is whatever strikes our/my fancy. Each year is different and sometimes the publisher is different as well. We will stay with Teaching Textbooks for my soon to be high schooler because he loves it.

    Just want to say I was surprised when the music started, I finally got the chance to see Casting Crowns last night at a local church


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