Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beware: I Stand Up for My Beliefs {Thoughts from Me}

The Lord is amazing.  I cannot state that enough.  Recently, I have made several prayers that all at once were answered today, lifting a HUGE, undeniable weight off of my shoulders.  I'm so thankful that He chose to answer this in His time and way and as quick as He did.

Let me just add that if something "seems" too good to be true, it generally is!  It is awesome to fight a battle called Epilepsy but if you are going to go at some full blown guns first, know what it is you're talking about.  Especially if you are in the position of leading a foundation and its members into that battle.  I shake my head at these wonderful change makers who really have no clue what it is they are battling.  The first step to change and prevention is knowledge and that comes from research, not from interogating physicians to get your way.  Know what you are fighting against before you begin the fight and both sides of the battle instead of your own opinionated view upon it.  I see now it's not the original members of this particular foundation that were wrong but instead that they had a differing opinion from the leader who only accepts their own as the only correct one.  I wish them all luck in their business but I honestly now see why more people don't share about this disorder than already do.

The devil will not stop my efforts to support and share about Epilepsy though.  There will be plenty of future blog posts from me on this subject, as well as many others.    I will continue to speak my mind as I always have, but perhaps I should come labeled with a warning from now on: I will not necessarily agree with your viewpoint but I do respect your views.  Or maybe, Beware: I strongly stand up for what I believe in, homeschooling and Epilepsy being the main two. 

To each of you, I wish a blessed night and a beautiful week.  God bless all!

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