Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Makeover

You probably noticed that Luv'N Lambert Life has gotten a fall makeover.  I'm pretty proud of it.  I created the header myself, matched colors and fonts, and picked out a blogger background of leaves.  I think it looks great and it really wasn't hard to put together on my own.  So the blog is officially ready for fall! 

My week has been spent cleaning out my house.  My Mom has revamped the kids rooms (I'm so thankful!) and I have worked on the living room and other areas of my home.  I still have much to do but it's so much easier with her help.

Today I sorted and matched socks.  I didn't count them but between five people I'm sure there were well over a hundred pair.  I matched an appropriate amount and I tossed all the rest.  Three Walmart bags FULL of socks went into my trash!  I'm soooo thrilled to be relieved of those things.  And I sorted them all while watching Gone With The Wind, the movie my Mother was named for. 

We did a ton of other stuff today but the socks topped my Whoo-hoo list!  I can hardly wait to see what I manage to clean out tomorrow.  I feel a fall clean coming on!

Speaking of fall, September 1st is right around the corner.  The first day of hunting season for my love.  He's pretty excited and I really hope I get to go with him some this year.  I look forward to riding with him in his Green Machine (truck) and on the four-wheeler.  Hopefully he will be able to fill our freezer full of meats too!

Speaking of filling the freezer, I've had to clear it out so that can happen - just in case.  I've been planning meals around the meats that are currently stocked in the freezer, making room for my sweeties favorite meat: venison, or deer.  He absolutely LOVES it so I always spend a few weeks before hunting season making sure there is room for him to store his favorite food.

Hunting season means that Josh will be busy every Saturday for the next few months.  If we aren't hunting with him, we use this time to do school.  It's the perfect way to stay busy while Daddy is away.  Plus cooler temperatures allow us to do more outdoor activities for school and offer the perfect opportunity to observe nature as it changes.  Days we do go with Daddy also offer those wonderful science experiences (so much so that the kids tell me "this is science Mom" when we are out in nature).  It's the time of year we most love!

I'm hoping to have curriculum plans complete and in order soon so that we can begin formal schoolwork as Daddy begins his yearly sport.  This will allow time to work through until Christmas, taking a few days off for the holiday and Winston's birthday.  I'm partially there.

So that's what we are up to right now.  Everyday we are Luv'N Lambert Life a little bit more! <3

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  1. Your blog looks great. I love fall and all the rich, earthy tones. Great job!


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