Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not Back to School Hop: School Room

Joining in on the Not Back to School Hop at Heart of the Matter.  This week's topic is the School Room.

I admit.  I really don't have pictures of our school room.  I generally take most of our photos when we are doing outdoor activities because I prefer the light and I don't take indoor pictures because of the lack of light in our home.  (Even doing a quick search turns up results for no single room pictures not including people.)

Where do we school?  Everywhere.  Outside, inside.  In the living room, dining room, bedrooms and kitchens.  We've even done experiments in the bathroom.  School happens all over for us and lessons never seem to end. 

We have even converted our dining room into a library room to hold all of our books, crafts and supplies.  Our dining table has become our school desk.  The artwork on the wall behind it is simply our dry erase board and a small chalkboard for the kids to use.  Our TV is our digital projector.  We connect the computer to it for interactive lessons and we watch educational videos on Netflix with our Wii.  We use the kitchen for experiments.  And the list goes on and on. 

Outside, we go on nature walks.  We learn how others live, both human and non-human.  We socialize with neighbors and friends.  We construct.  We grow.  We learn.

Essentially, our school has no boundaries and is nothing like a normal classroom setting.  It's an all-in-one lifestyle and we enjoy the closeness and experiences that it brings us.  We are able to enjoy this life as God intended, in every second of our days.


  1. That was us too - when they asked for school photos earlier - I realized how much we didn't photograph our math lessons. ;)Which, is about the only time they are really at the table.

  2. Love it! We plan to do lots of field trips too!

  3. Our schoolroom is everywhere too! Some days even Mommy & Daddy's bed makes a great place to lay and get in some learning. =)
    Many Blessings!
    ~ Jen @

  4. Thanks for sharing Dana! I am enjoying seeing everyone's vision for their 'school room' --it's so great to see different venue's for us all! Happy HOMEschooling this year and see you around the blog hop! ;)

  5. Awesome! Have a wonderful year!


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