Monday, August 29, 2011

Organizing Again {Thoughts from Me}

Some days my words flow like honey.  On others they back up like wet sugar in the jar.  It's often hard to come up with some new, never-before done topic to discuss online.  So many bloggers cover so many great ideas and none of us want to seem like carbon copies of each other. 

Every day I have a thousand thoughts that never get written into existance.  Some fly in my head and back out again.  Others get started and never get finished.  I attribute this to being a Gemini in nature.  I tend to either do things all the way or not at all.  I struggle with staying organized, with planning, with keeping order.  I most certainly was not "born organized" like some. 

This week I am taking a look at my home, myself, and my life online and off.  I will be printing out some new planning sheets, using my scheduling books from the Maxwell's and reorganizing my disorderly life.  I will be working to organize different areas of my house, continuing my past efforts that always seem to get lost along the way.  I will also be setting up a more organized blogging plan, creating new topic ideas and hopefully following through on those and finishing up the past ideas and articles that have been left undone. 

None of this is done without prayer to my Father in Heaven.  I know without Him I can never overcome the daily struggles in my life.  Not even the simpliest of them.  Education in His word is a must and something else I will be adding more of into my life. 

What things need organized in your life and home?  Share with me and let's work on this together.

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  1. The list would be very long. Right now I'm working on my bedroom. One room at a time.
    Thanks for joining the blog hop!


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