Wednesday, August 10, 2011

God's Love Letters to You by Dr. Larry Crabb {Booksneeze Review}

Author: Dr. Larry Crabb
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Price: $9.99
Book type: Gift or Devotional

     This book was written by Dr. Larry Crabb and is based upon his book 66 Love LettersGod's Love Letter's to You is a 40 day devotional sharing both scripture and meaning from the world's greatest book, the Bible.  Every one of the 40 day devotions includes a short letter, a reflection upon the words written to pray over throughout the day and a prayer.  A different prayer and verse for everyday for 40 days covering 40 books of the Bible.  This devotional is thoughtful and beautifully written.  It would make a perfect gift for a young adult or someone special. 

I enjoyed reading through this book.  The reflections and prayers were easily used and stuck thoughtfully with me throughout the day.  I was also easily able to share the devotions with my children and discuss what the author meant by each, as well as what God wanted us to learn throughout the book.  God's Love Letter's to You is an exceptional devotional and something I will read again.

*This book was provided to me for free by Booksneeze, a blogging review program (see side-panel for link to Booksneeze).  I was not required to give a positive review in exchange for this book.

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  1. I love books that gives me thoughts to carry with me and ponder throughout the day. Great review--now I want to read it!


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