Monday, August 1, 2011

Simply Busy Busy Busy {Thoughts from Me}

The past two weeks, I have simply been too busy to even log onto the laptop.  I have been online but only using the iPad which doesn't allow me much capability for communication past simple replies and answers.  There just seems to be no time for me.

My Mom moved here two weeks ago to finally live in her own house after 6 years of living with one of her children.  Our great-grandmother passed away several months ago at the age of 104 and her single-wide mobile home had sat empty the past few years while she grew older in the nursing home.  After her passing, my Mother was offered her house as a "home" just to have someone staying there to keep it up, help with the small bills it has and also be closer to my family.  No strings attached.  Mom is enjoying being able to design a home again though I believe it's going a bit slower than she likes.  It will get there though.

We have been busy cleaning and organizing the house and accompaning shed, which she is quickly turning into her planting shed.  We've also been working on several things in my house and organizing here too.  We've spent a few days out thrifting, searching for the perfect storage items and various decor to use.  It's been great fun!

On top of all of this, I've been searching out curriculum for this upcoming year, buying books at the thrift stores as I come across them and working out plans for everything.  The next few days I will be forcing myself to sit down, organize all our school materials and write out the plan for this coming year of school work.  I'm excited and I know when it's time to start the new stuff in the next few weeks, the kids will be too!

I've also been recieving my review materials from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Review Cruise.  You can find a link to it in my side bar to read all my fellow crew members reviews.  In the next month I will be reviewing How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids by Rachael Carmen from Apologia, Before Five In A Row by Jane Claire Lambert and Big IQ Kids online premium site.  I'm looking forward to all of these reviews and hope you are too!

Well, that's what we are up to for now.  Hopefully, I'll be settled into a more normal routine before much longer!  But for now it's a busy busy Lambert Life for us!

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