Friday, August 19, 2011

Still Planning {Homeschooling}

This is my sixth year homeschooling.  Somehow it feels like my first.  Each year is just as exciting as the first one.  Planning always brings it's own challenges.  Then there is the changing of curriculum because what you used is no longer available or simply did not work for your child(ren). 

So this, my sixth year homeschooling is just as challenging for me as my first year was.  Actually, I think my first year may have been much easier! LOL

As I've mentioned before, this year I have decided to switch up curriculum and basically at the last minute.  We normally school year round in an unschooling manner, using bits and pieces of this and that for curriculum.  This year we will be switching to Tapestry of Grace for our core curriculum.  I am having to learn to plan around this study, add to it where needed and build upon what I already have.  Sounds simple, should be simple but somehow for me, it's just not that simple.

Then to throw another loop in the rope, my usual Grammar curriculum, those wonderful FREE workbooks from Scott Foresman, are no longer available.  So now I must find something equally wonderful to use for our Grammar lessons.  I have several ideas in mind but haven't quite nailed the right one.  After all, I just found out yesterday our original workbooks were no longer available.

So as you've probably guessed, I'm still planning out our school year, taking it one step at a time.  I've not had quite as much time as I'd like to do it because life has thrown various stops in my path but I'm getting there slowly but surely.  I'm hoping to be ready to start our school year on September 5 or there about.  Guess we will see what happens.

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  1. I am wanting to mix and match my curriculum next year. This year I went for a complete curriculum that I love however it isn't designed the way my kids learn. I am clueless as to where to start to figure out which curriculum will work best for us ESP when I both kids are so far apart in age. Any tips or advice? I'm looking for something that is very hands on in each subject.

    Thanks Sarah Herrera


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