Thursday, August 4, 2011

Still We are Busy! {Thoughts from Me}

The past few days have continously been busy for me.  One day spent planning and seemingly getting no where.  The next two spent cleaning out the girls' bedroom.  It's a major job that needed doing but it's left me little time for anything else.  Add on top of that an unexpected night out with friends, watching them ride some of the craziest amuzement rides in Myrtle Beach.  All equals one tired me. 

The kids, of course, are LOVING having their MaMa living nearby and having her here is helping me to get a lot of necessary things done.  Between the two of us, Laycie hasn't been able to get away with much.  She spends most of her time following MaMa around which is allowing me to get many things done I don't normally get to.  The other kids come back and forth between our houses, playing and enjoying the best of both worlds: home and Grandma's to visit.  Mom is simply enjoying having a house again, as well as her babies to love on, though she greatly misses my nephews and really wants to see my neice. 

This weekend will be spent, hopefully painting trim work in the girls' bedroom, as well as working more on the reorganization in there.  I'm praying to be selected for a recent release of a review which would be perfect for all of the kids to play with in the girls' bedroom but I'm not giving details to that one yet.  Just keeping my fingers crossed, as it comes just a few moments after mentioning the "need" of one in there today.

Tonight, I will be printing out some pages for my home and school management notebook.  I really need the organization that such a notebook provides and haven't taken time to complete any binder I have began in the past.  I'm hoping to change that this year.  I also need to work on reading through some of the things I need to review soon.  I am enjoying the opportunities provided so far. 

Well that's all that we are up to at this time.  Just simply staying busy but hopefully it will all come together for us very very soon.

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