Monday, September 12, 2011 {Crew Review} is our first review of an online program for TOS Homeschool Crew this year.  This company provides an extensive study program for children in grades K-8 to use in order to build daily skills in the core subjects of reading, math and more.  For each task completed a coin is given for the child to later use in the Game section.  The child is able to create a "buddy" avatar to use in the Game section for added fun. uses games throughout to provide a fun learning experience for all children.  There is a free version to use but for the purposes of this review I was given access to their premium services to use. 

BigIQKids Spelling provides 40 premade lessons for your child to work through or allows the parent to create their own list based upon their own personal list of words.  Vocabulary is also provided for study in conjunction to the available spelling lists.  Available games are Word Jumble, Spelling Bee, Hang Bot, Word Search and more.  At the completion of each level the child will either recieve a smile or frown letting them know that they have completed that section of the list.

BigIQKids Math provides children with quizes covering the basics of math facts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Each list is generated based on the child's grade level or parent's selection in the lesson modification section.  Lessons may be timed to provide a bigger challenge for the child.  At the completion of each lesson the child once again recieves a coin for use in the Game section.

BigIQKids States program is a fun way to learn more about the states, as well as learn their relevant location on the United States map.  There is an interactive map for your child to choose which state to begin their lessons with or they can choose any of these four available options: State Location, State Spelling, State Capital, State Abbreviation.  This section re-enforces any study of the state's available and provides extra practice in learning more about each state.

BigIQKids Vocabulary program is available in conjunction with their spelling to provide a comprehensive word study unlike any other currently available.  Parents can choose to provide their own word list to work with or use any of a number of available lists provided on the site. 

BigIQKids newest feature is their SAT Vocabulary Prep.  This section provides students with a necessary vocabulary study in preparation for the SAT test given throughout the United States.  Any student heading in the direction of college can benefit from this section to help strenghten their vocabulary and their test taking skills. 

Each section of provides the user with a different, yet fun challenge.  Used daily this website can benefit any child providing extra drill in spelling and math, while keeping the skills fresh and challenging.  My children personally benefited from this website by reviewing words they use daily and math basics that they need a little extra help in.  They truly enjoyed the games provided and the simplistic set-up of the site.  I will admit that they did become a little bored with the rote memorization of skills but mostly because this style of learning is not one we normally use in our home.  In the future, we will be using our membership to BigIQKids to increase our participation in this sort of educational style and we look forward to learning this way. is a recipient of the TOS Homeschool Crew Blue Ribbon Award for 2011.  It is a wonderful tool for educational use at home.  To read more reviews of please visit the TOS Crew Blog.

*Disclaimer - I was provided a complimentary year's subscription for two children by and TOS Magazine for purpose of this review.  I was required to provide my honest, though not necessarily positive, opinion of this site in exchange for this subscription. 

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  1. Great job describing the various sections, wow...

    I need to get my kids back into using this. We reviewed it last year, and just kind of stopped actually using it... and I know that doing the math at least would be a really good thing.


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