Monday, October 3, 2011

Blending Family - God Created This Too

See this photo?  This is what a blended family looks like.  The children in this photo consist of my son, both my daughters, Josh's son and his ex-wife's twin daughters.   Do you know what I see when I look at it? 

Simply, our family.

To Josh and I there is no difference in any child in this photo or any other child who walks through the door of our home and into our hearts.  They are children, sent here from God in order for us each to love.  We could not imagine not having one of these blessings as part of our life.  We are disappointed when they aren't able to be together for events we have.  We are hurt when they are left out. 

Yes, it's true that God did not intend for parent's to not be there for their kids, for families to not accept every child he blesses them with, but it happens.  As I stated in my last post, God himself created this idea of the step-family when He blessed Joseph as the earthly Father to His own son.  He asked Joseph to love this child, Jesus, who was not of Joseph's blood but was an important part of his heart.  Joseph did not fail in his task of providing for Mary or her child, Jesus.  He raised him as he was his own right along with their other children, exactly as God planned, intended and provided for him to.

As parent's it is our job to provide the best we can for the children God brings into our lives.  This includes Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren as well as those not even related to our families.  We must always remember that God has a reason for bringing a child into our lives, into our hearts and that for His glory it is our job to do the best for each of them in order to ensure His greater plan is recognized.  If we turn these children away out of spite, anger or even selfishness then we are not doing the work of the Lord, but instead only for ourselves.  In turn we do not glorify God or the greater plan that His love provides.

There are people in this world who can happily and peacefully live with that choice.  I, personally, cannot.  I cannot turn my back on any child He has brought to me.  I am thankful He himself has taught me how to blend my family and love these children as He once asked Joseph to do of His Son.  I hope in this post that someone else is able to realize this same thing and do the same for the children in their lives.  May God bless each of us in this very imperfect world and allow us to provide the absolute best for His children everyday.


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