Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October Update

Today is my big sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sissy! I hope that it's a great one.

This has been an extremely busy week for us.

Sunday - we went to visit my best friend from Kindergarten. She gave us a beautiful cat named Muffin who is currently living in my Mom's house. She's sweet as can be and a beautiful gray color. In a few weeks, I hope to be able to get her little siblings and bring them home too.

Monday - a rainy day for us so we did nothing except curl up around home and snuggle all day.

Tuesday - Grocery shopping and a date with Dad. I really put shopping off until the last minute. I ended up with 3 carts and almost $300 in groceries. I hope that lasts us at least 3 weeks! Date night was a special event. We were invited to Myrtle Beach's Taste of the Town by a cousin and we had a great time! The food was amazing! We brought the littles home a TON of fun goodies to eat. It was really great just to get away for the night.

Wednesday - That's today! We're just lounging around the house, relaxing before the rest of our busy week continues.

Thursday - A trip to MUSC in Charleston. Laycie has a neurology checkup. Time to adjust her medication so that she doesn't have any breakthroughs and check her levels.

Friday - Sleepover with the Twins and Justain. They are sure to have a ton of fun as they always do!

Saturday - Rodeo night! The kids are really excited about the rodeo. It's a yearly favorite of ours. Can hardly wait for Saturday to get here!

So that's our week in review. This week's schooling is laid back lessons in Life and Socialization and sometimes that's the best education a child can have.


  1. Love young parents still dating. It's important, I believe. Sounds likes a fun week. The kiddos will really enjoy muffin.

  2. We got new kittens this week, too - two of them, completely spontaneously. :^) How many will you eventually have?

  3. We've released several already that are roaming the woods and coming back when they get hungry. I'm not sure how many we will end up with. I'd like to keep at least two inside and several outside so they keep the mouse population down. We have over 20 acres so they have plenty of room to live and play and we love having them come up to be pet.


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