Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wondermaps {Timberdoodle Review}

Recently, I was asked to review WonderMaps from Bright Ideas Press for Timberdoodle Co.  I literally JUMPED at the chance to review this item.  WonderMaps is one of the BEST accessories any homeschooling family can have. 

This what my screen looks like when I start Wondermaps.

WonderMaps is just that: wonderful maps included in one quick download or on a convenient disk for use with any history program available.  With WonderMaps, the user can pick the features they want displayed and then print off the needed maps to use as necessary.  Maps of Ancient lands to today's modern landscape are available for the user to print.  Outline, political, topographical, and even reference maps are included in either black and white or color, including names of specific elements as the user sees fit to create. 

A map showing all the customizable choices in action. 

 A map showing only the borders and names of the countries.
Your basic blackline map.

 This is a page from the software showing
choices of maps for this section of history.

My own personal map printout in my classroom notebook.

WonderMaps includes 60+ state maps, 60+ country maps, 125 historical maps and includes 25 biblical maps.  There are also complete map sets created for use with Mystery of History Vols 1-3 and All American History Vols 1-2. 

I am personally using this wonderful resource with Tapestry of Grace and Mystery of History for our Ancient History lessons this year.  These maps have been a wonderful introduction for us.  They were extremely simple to create and print out.  I love that I can add as many features as I feel necessary and remove as much as I need to too!  Starting out with history, I try to keep maps simple so as not to overwhelm my children and reprint more detailed maps as we expand on that topic.  With WonderMaps I can easily print out just what I need. 

Visit Timberdoodle today to purchase WonderMaps or see their amazing line of homeschool products.   Be sure to order a free copy of their catalog to shop from the comfort of home.  Stop by and "like" Timberdoodle on Facebook too!

Disclaimer: This product was provided to me free by Timberdoodle Reviewer Blog Team.  I was asked to give my honest opinion of this product in exchange for use of the product in my home.  No money was exchanged during this review.

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