Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Always IceCream {Crew Review}

Always IceCream is an exclusively all girls website that concentrates on learning through online educational activity.  Targeted at girls ages 7-12, this site promises tons of fun from dressing your avatar to raising pets and much more.  This website is sure to be a hit with every little girl.

There is nothing to download, you play straight from the website, just like any other online game. The site stores your child's information and requires a credit card only for privacy protection for the child playing - a credit card generally means an adult is providing the account for the child. Children can befriend other users or invite friends using a provided security code that can be shared so they can easily be found. This allows the child to safely socialize with others in a controlled environment. For those who are worried about their child's safety in socializing with others online, there is an available option to turn off this type of interaction.

Always IceCream provides tons of games in different subjects: basic and advanced Math, Geography, Language Arts, Science, Typing, and more.  Each time a child plays they earn ice cream scoops which can then be used to purchase pets, household items for their homes in MiniWorld, and many other things.  Parents are given 2000 extra scoops a month per account to give to their girls as rewards for cleaning up, helping out, being kind or simply being a great daughter.

Mini World


A membership to Always IceCream can be purchased for a fairly low price through the website.  There is an option to play free and the site stores the child's basic play but not their name, pets or home.  A monthly subscription runs $.99 for the first month and $4.99 afterward.  A two month subscription can be purchased for $9.98.  An annual can be purchased for $29.99 or a lifetime subscription is available for $99.99.  As a member, your child can send an email to friends to provide them with one free month of play.

Girls are thrilled to be playing together online!

I must say this has been our favorite review product this far.  My son does feel a bit left out since the website is for girls only but he has helped his little sister play a few games, as well as raise a few pets since we started using the site.  My daughters favorite part of the website is purchasing Eggs in Pet World and hatching them to see what cute little pet she gets.  She also enjoys decorating her house in Mini World.  She is daily increasing her spelling and reading skills by playing on this website which has also been a huge blessing for us.  Last weekend, when we had the Twins visit, she shared the website with them and they also had a ton of fun creating their own Mini World and characters to play with on the free version of the website.  Even my youngest daughter enjoys playing along with her big sister and can't wait until she's big enough to play on her own!

Emma's Pets in Pet World!

Available videos to view for fun!  All educational!

Emma's shopping with her scoops.

Always IceCream is available online only for a reasonable price.  It's sure to be a hit in your home just as it has been in ours.  Check it out at www.always-icecream.com today!!  You can view other reviews of this website over at the TOS Review Crew blog!

Disclaimer - This product was provided to me free for review by Always IceCream and TOS Homeschool Crew.  We were given a full membership for lifetime in exchange for our personal opinion in a review of this website. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun site for girls. Will keep this mind for when Lauren gets a bit older. Thanks for the review.


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