Monday, October 24, 2011

Marshall Publishing Products {Crew Review}

Do you love fire trucks?  Are you looking for a great way to teach fire safety and fire prevention in your home?  Have a child who absolutely LOVES learning about fires and the tools used to prevent and put them out?  Then you will LOVE Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks and Firefighters and Lots & Lots of Fire Songs and Safety Tips from Marshall Publishing.

My children were not excited by this review until they realized they had seen the commercials for other products from this company over the past year on television.  That completely changed their opinion and they quickly became willing to watch and enjoy this video.  They learned several adorable fire safety songs, what to do in the case of a fire, and the uses of different types of fire trucks.  They enjoyed looking through the beautiful images in the book Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks and Firefighters.  They learned different tool types, uniform types, and even more about the trucks in this book too. 

This dvd/book set is a wonderful addition to any fire safety lesson, both in homeschooling or in a community setting.  It would be very useful for a co-op lesson too.  It can be purchased online through Marshall Publishing for $29.95.  For more reviews please visit the TOS Review Crew blog.

As an added bonus, I was sent George Washington Carver to review from Marshall Publishing.  This video shares the story of the life of George Washington Carver from his birth to his death.  It is a wonderful video that shows how Mr. Carver changed Southern agriculture, showing poor farmers how to grow peanuts and other vegetables over cotton, as well as allowing their fields a period of rest between years of growing so that the soil did not tire and plants would thrive.  This video provides much more than that though, in showing how a poor orphan went on to change the minds of his people and others who were struggling just to survive.

You can by George Washington Carver through Marshall Publishing for $19.95.  You can find more reviews of this product at the TOS Review Crew blog.

Disclaimer: This video/book set and extra bonus historical dvd was provided to me free for review by Marshall Publishing and the TOS Homeschool Review Crew in exchange for an honest review of the product.

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