Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days Living With Epilepsy Day 1 {Epilepsy Awareness}

Welcome to 30 Days of Living with Epilepsy! Please feel free to join in by linking up your blog, posting your response to each question every day and including our blog button in your post, linking back to us! Everyone is invited to join and remember that talking about Epilepsy helps to Spread Awareness! So get out there, talk and share!

- Dana

Day 1 - What is Epilepsy??

Epilepsy, as defined by Webster, states that it is a noun meaning: any of various disorders marked by abnormal electrical discharges in the brain and typically manifested by sudden brief episodes of altered or diminished consciousness, involuntary movements, or convulsions.

The problem with Epilepsy is that it is a vast disorder covering a wide range of little understood actions of the brain. It is often diagnosed through an EEG which provides a chart of various abnormal electrical discharges the brain puts off throughout a set time frame. There is often no explaination as to why these electrical discharges are abnormal nor why the body reacts to them with any of a number of types of seizures.

To learn more about Epilepsy, what it is and how it affects those you love and care about, please visit the Epilepsy Foundation at

Stay tuned for more of 30 Days of Living with Epilepsy from Luv'N Lambert Life!

- Dana

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