Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days Living with Epilepsy Day 4 {Epilepsy Awareness}

I'm a lot behind on this blog series.  I've been extremely busy.  All the kids were here over the weekend.  I went out of town on Saturday.  Sunday I had an unexpected photo shoot opportunity pop up out of no where.  Monday I sent my Mom to visit my brother for a week.  Today little KK came to visit while her parents' went to work for a few hours.  It has definitely been one thing after another and no time to blog.  But I'm going to attempt to jump back in and catch back up to where I should be starting with day 4 of Living With Epilepsy.

What types of seizures do you have?

My girls and I all have the same seizure types and we all have more than one type.  The main one we have is Generalized Tonic-Clonic convulsive seizures.  We also have Atypical Absence and Absence seizures where we appear to stare off into space an ignore the world but really we are seizing.  We have both simple partial, complex partial and myoclonic seizures. 

Yes, I know that's a LOT of seizure types.  Sometimes we have them combined, though I don't think we've ever had them all in one day.  We may have Absence with a Tonic-Clonic, or Simple Partials with Tonic-Clonic or Complex partials with Absence.  Unfortunately with Epilepsy we never know which seizure we'll get and we always hope for none or at the very least the simpliest and quickest seizure we can have. 

To learn more about seizure types visit the Types of Seizures page at

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