Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finding Peace in God's Love {Thoughts From Me}

It seems I always have 1000 things running through my head these days that I want to post about and yet I never do.  I come to the blog, I open a post and yet I shut my mouth so to speak.  Me at a loss of words!  Can you imagine? 

I try my best to avoid drama and it seems to be drawn to me like a bear to honey.  It finds me, searches me out no matter how much I try to hide from it.  I find that to be a huge reason behind my lack of inspiration in writing and sharing with others online lately.  I'm sick of being drawn into the midst of some small drama that turns huge for no reason and I surely do not want that monster to find my sweet little blog!!

But I feel the need to write, to share, to talk, to guide, to let God speak through me as much as I'm able and to share my thoughts with others.  Many of us feel that way, I know.  I read wise words from my lovely friends and those who inspire us every day.  I see God in these works and I want to see God in my work too.

Lately, I've been persuing my photography career thanks to my dear friends who have greatly encouraged me (you know who you are).  It's been time consuming and enjoyable all at the same time.  I see God in their shoves and God in my work.  Now I find myself wanting to see God in my words too.  Is he there?  Can I easily find him? 

I personally don't see it often enough.  I feel the weight of the Devil on my thoughts and I try to avoid him like the plague.  I feel depressed and discouraged, left abandoned and wanting for more from this life of mine.  God can overcome all of this, I know.  I have that faith in him.  That mustard seed of faith that I must always keep just to perservere and tredge ahead in my personal world. 

Tonite, I feel God calling me to do more.  I feel him saying Grow, Blossom and share my love with others.  Share your talents as I provide them, he says to me and so I am doing my best to do that both in my words and my photography.  I am finding peace in my thoughts, peace in my words.  Much needed peace that I don't want to forget and can't always find.  By seeking Him I can find them though.  And that is what I need to do more of.

I'm surely not alone in this need, to find peace and love and God all at once together.  And in God is where I will find the three.  Only in God.  I know this.  You know this.  It's what each of us seeks daily.  His guidance and His Love. 

There is so much more to do, to say, to be and yet His Love is enough.  More than enough ever it will be.

Goodnight all.

Dana <3

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