Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Day

There are days when I just don’t know how to do this: how to be a Mom, a wife, a teacher. I want to throw my hands up and say I quit, I give up, I’m done and I do for the moment but never completely.
I wonder if God feels this way sometimes too. I wonder if He wishes He had never created this upside world that spins through His galaxy. How He manages to handle those of us who just can’t seem to get it right in life.

I want to get my life together. I want to stay on track. I want to be grown up and the mother and wife I’m supposed to be but how do I make that happen? There never seems to be enough time in the day to make life fall into place.

And I wonder, what is it that I wait on? Our lives are to be lived each day, yet I simply don’t feel like I’m living it. I feel like I’m wandering through trying to locate a lost path that blew away in a rainstorm long ago. Depression overtakes the mind and seemingly controls the soul but I know that God can overcome this as He does all things, in His time so long as I hold onto a mustard seed of faith and personally, I have immense faith in God and His works.

So another day into this life I journey, trying hard to find my way. There is so much that I need to do but so little time. I suppose the most important things get done, like growing strong babies with loving hearts and inquisitive minds and as long as I get that much done, my life will be complete and fulfilled. I’ll find my way, I’ll find my path with God’s help and guidance showing me the way. I’m already there, I just have to wake up and see it and as always tomorrow is a brand new day. <3


  1. I know exactly how you feel! In the end, perspective is everything isn't it? It's amazing how convoluted things get and how we just need more time to sort things out... But we don't have extra time... We just have to figure out what's most important and work for that! How blessed we are to have a God that's willing to help us find what those things are if we're willing to ask :-). I hope you figure out and find peace in whatever it is that you need to be pursuing!

  2. I just want to know one thing, how did you know what I have been feeling? I know that I am doing what I need to do. I am just not sure I am giving it all the proper attention. I am working on setting priorities. I am just taking it one step at a time.

    I hope that you can find the peace that you are looking for.


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