Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Changing Me {Thoughts From Me}

Every year I make a post about what I want to change.  Heck, every few months I make that post.  Yet I never seem to make the changes happen.  I go through the start of the process, but I can't seem to make it to the awaited result. 

I've read a million posts, thoughts, books about making changes in life, home, homeschooling and myself.  I take away so much from these wonderful things yet never seem to put them into action.  I join groups online just to put the things I learn into action and still I don't.  I'm a serious procrastinator and to be honest, I'm not at all sure how to change that.  I want to but I simply don't know how.

Some would say I'm fairly lazy, yet when I work on something I bust my butt at it so how can I truly be considered lazy?  I consider myself organizationally challenged and a bit OCD in some ways.  The two don't work well together at all.  Add in the fact I'm a procrastinating Gemini and oh boy, what a MESS! 

Still I know there is some way I can overcome all of my personal challenges to have the life, the home and to become the person I truly wish to be.  I know with God's help, with His Love and Guidance I can overcome any issue.  I place my faith and hope into His gracious hands daily as I walk this path to find my way in the life He has blessed me with.

I struggle to find my way but I know these are the things I want to be in life:  A loving wife, a gracious Mother, an honest and faithful friend, a strong and faithfilled servant to Him.  So bettering myself in Christ, in Love, in Knowledge are always goals that I strive daily to reach.  I feel I fail at them most days, but I know He guides me through and everyday I become a bit closer to each goal.  One day I will meet them and exceed who I wish to become to reach what He wished for me to be all along.  Until then I will move forward in life and slowly work at the things I need to work towards and change about me day by day, minute by minute and hopefully I will enjoy every single minute of Lambert Life along the way.

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