Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chats with my Daughter {Epilepsy Awareness}

Today my oldest daughter and I had a chat about her Epilepsy.  She is eight and has had this disorder since she was three months old.  She doesn't remember a time when this disorder was not part of our daily life.  It is all she's ever known.

Recently, she has been making mention of things she can't do having Epilepsy.  In several recent conversations with her brothers, I have heard her make mention that she is not able to hit her head.  Though this is true, her reference was that she was unable to have even the smallest tap to her skull or she'd immediate go into a seizure.  I immediately realized that my sweet eight year old was confused and needed to have a chat about "E".

I sat her down and explained to her that yes, we do have Epilepsy and reminded her that I have it, as well as her baby sister.  I explained to her that this disorder should not stop her from trying to do anything she really wants to.  That, within reason, she is able to fall, hit her head, and try until her hearts is content.

She has told me that she wants to learn to ride a horse.  While this does make me nervous I will not prevent her when the time comes.  I will provide her with a helmet along with a skilled rider to guide and teach her.  I want her to do these things that God calls her to enjoy. 

She has learned to swim recently and is learning to hold her breath.  I worry that something will happen, like any good mother, but I want her to swim so that she can go deep sea diving some day if her heart desires.  I want her to enjoy whatever experiences are offered into her life.  I cannot allow this disorder to hold her back. 

When I was a child, I was prevented from doing many things because of my own Epilepsy.  I was not allowed to try when I should have been.  I was not provided this chances out of my Mother's fear of losing me to my Epilepsy.  I do not want these same things for my daughters.  Instead, I want them to live this life to the fullest, taking only the necessary precautions and never missing out on the gifts that God provides them.  Had I listened to the naysayers about my own Epilepsy, my girls would not exist because I was not even supposed to chance childbirth with them.  Listening to my heart and my God provided me with three of the most beautiful blessings I could ask for. 

Our talk today reminded me how much this disorder does still affect my sweet girl.   It reminded me that she is growing up and needs guidance as to why we take precaution, as well as why I do allow her to live her life to the fullest, as normal as she can. 

Epilepsy is a part of our life, but it is and never will be all of our life.  I cannot live in fear that a seizure may come, but I can live aware of that and provide that awareness for my beautiful girls, while still allowing them the most normal of life. 

And that is the plan.  I'm sure there will be more talks about Epilepsy over our lifetime, just as there was for me with my Mom.  I'm thankful to have lived with this disorder all of my life so that I am able to provide the patience, guidance and love needed to all of my children.  It's not been an easy disorder to live with but we are "blessed" to know what it is and what to expect, as well as how to continue to live with it and prepare ahead for the next generation, which it may or may not be passed on to.  For now, I'm just thankful for talks with my sweet girl, to be able to help and encourage her in her life's goals, even while living with Epilepsy. <3

Regret Free Parenting {Booksneeze Review}

Written by Catherine Hickem, LCSW
Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers
List Price: $15.99

Catherine Hickem, founder of Intentional Moms, wrote the book Regret Free Parenting as a guide based upon her nearly 30 years of experience from raising children to her ministry to other women.  She is a motherhood expert who has devoted her life to helping other Moms raise exceptional children. 

In her book, Mrs. Hickem shows parents how to raise children without regret by being an intentional parent.  She explains how to equip your child with confidence, allowing children to learn by relative consequence and strong guidance. She teaches parents the difference between being a controling parent and being an intentional parent by providing seven parenting principles.  Each of the principles discuss how to prevent insecurities, teach respect, raise good teens, and much more.

I believe that during times of distress God provides the perfect guidance in many ways.  For me, this book could not have come at a better time as I was going through some tough parenting issues with my strong-willed middle child.  I had been searching for the perfect remedy to help our relationship and allow guidance for my child.  Regret Free Parenting gave that to me when I needed it most.  Through this book, I was able to learn techniques that helped me overlook some of my relationship issues with my daughter and correct other issues we had.  Since implementing the steps and ideas listed throughout the book, our relationship has grown in a better direction making our lives much easier, day by day.  I feel that Regret Free Parenting has helped strengthen my parenting skills.

You can read more about this book or purchase your own at Amazon.com or at Thomas Nelson's own website.

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson Publishers through their BookSneeze Program for bloggers.  It was a free book in return for my honest review, which was not required to be positive.  No money was exchanged for this review.

Monday, June 27, 2011

To Blog, or Not to Blog {Thoughts from Me}

I've been sitting here the last few hours thinking about whether I wanted to write tonight or not.  I have been questioning a great many things, even though I know I should just keep moving forward.  It is hard to overcome self and let Jesus work in our life.  As humans, we have a need to remain in control.  As you can tell, writing has won this night.

My weekend has been unusually wonderful.  I must thank my blog "hater" for their post because it really made me take a look into my life and my heart to realize that yes, I'm really at a point in my life that I am happy.  Truly and amazingly, simply HAPPY.  And my weekend has been filled with nothing BUT happiness.

Saturday, the kids were thrilled to be able to wake up and play together.  They played outside for a long time.  They even picniced outside, eating pizza for dinner.  Saturday is pizza night at our house  Then they came inside, got a nice bath and watched a movie before bed.

Sunday mornings are often slow for us and today was no different.    After a quick breakfast, they donned their swimsuits and with a quick text we were out the door to visit a good friend for a day of swimming.  After eating a snack (ok, more like a meal) of various junk foods, they were ready to jump in for some water fun!   I spent my afternoon chilling with two of my best friends.  It was a great day away from the house.  The kids didn't want to leave but were excited at the idea of going to swim and visit again one day soon! 

We made it home, cooked a quick dinner of Sloppy Joes and Chili Cheese Fries..  Laycie got to go for a ride.  Then kids watched a movie while I got caught up online.

It was a wonderful weekend, despite efforts to discourage our faith and relationship made online.  Tonight I feel like a kid hyped up on the best kind of candy: I call it the candy of LIFE.  God has taken the bad and shown me the BEST and I could not be more thankful for His blessings, for His willpower to overcome that sent by the Devil to destroy.  God is the Ultimate Warrior, defending what is made right by Him and leading those who follow in His steps, shining light on the right path, like a beaming beacon in the night.  I feel blessed to have found this path, with even my Mustard Seed of Faith to guide me.  My Mustard Seed has been planted and allowed to grow into a gently blossoming tree with the guidance of His love.  For that, I could not be more thankful.  For ALL of His blessings, I could not be more thankful.

God bless and good night!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

32 Things I Love About My Children {Thoughts from Me}

In Honor of my 32nd birthday, I have been writing a series called 32 Things. This is my fourth entry: 32 Things I Love About My Children.

1. My son, my first-born, is peaceful and quite when it matters most.
2. He always thinks of others first and is first to jump in to help me no matter how hard.
3. My Mimi has a faith in God that I can only wish to achieve.
4. My Laycie astonishes me with how loving she is.
5. My children have an amazing sense of humor.
6. I love all of their smiles.
7. I love the colors of their eyes: two brown and one blue-green like her Momma's.
8. I love their need to learn.
9. I love that they enjoy being children long after most kids get to.
10. I love each of their sense of style.
11. I love that my Win can win a video game like no bodies business and has learned not to give up even when its most frustrating.
12. I love Mimi's need for art, to express herself openly the way she most enjoys.
13. I love Laycie's need to spread joy to others, even those she does not know.
14. I love their focused interest in all things they attempts to do.
15. I love their messiness that makes our house home.
16. I love their differing abilities and watchimg them come together to do anything they want.
17. I love the care they show their little sister, and how they never leave her out.
18. I love their laughs.
19. I love hearing their heartbeats, knowing they are each a Gift from God.
20. I love my girls love dressing up as much as their Momma does.
21. I love watching them play together.
22. I love that my children love.
23. I love seeing God through their eyes in every place we pass.
24. I love my boy's love for ketchup.
25. I love my girls love for ranch dressing.
26. I love that my they love each other.
27. I love to watch them run, to hear them sing and see them dance.
28. I love that God blessed me with all of them, each unique.
29. I love to see them growing strong.
30. I love their shared interests.
31. I love how they love me back, not just because I'm their Mom but because they know I love them more than they can even fathom.
32. I love each of them through and through.

God has blessed us with four amazing kids and for that we are truly thankful. I could not ask for more!

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Day Out {Thoughts From Me}

I recieved a sweet little card and candy bar from a dear friend for my birthday in the mail today.  The kids were excited to see it was a Wonka bar, after reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together.  Wonka is a big deal around here though my friend had no idea what a sweet gift it really was to send!

We ate lunch in a nice little restuarant in Hemingway, SC.  The food was Delicious!!  We will definitely be eating at that little BBQ place again.

We did some reading with the iPad.  We read about how the whale got his throat from Rudyard Kipling and the intro to Grammarland.  We also read a little about the Red Tide from our Curiosity Files and the great Professor Ana Lyze.  It's always fun to get a little extra schoolwork in while you're out and waiting.

We spent the rest of our afternoon at home. 

I also scored a long list of great homeschooling books for the kids only for shipping.  Over 30 books for $20!  I'm so very excited about that.  Can't wait to get those!

Overall, it was a very good day for us.  We enjoyed the time together.  Tomorrow the kids will get outside to play.  We're hoping to get some swimming in before the end of the weekend too but we will see.

What are your weekend plans?  Whatever they are, I hope they bring you as much joy as ours often do! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update: Wearing Skirts {Thoughts from Me}

Two weeks ago today, I wrote a blog post called New Goal: Wearing Skirts.  This post challenged me to change my style of dress at home and in public.

Since writing that blog post, I have worn a dress or a skirt almost every day.  I can only think of two times that I didn't wear one: a visit to a friends where shorts were more appropriate for the day and when I was mowing our grass.  On both those days I wore shorts.

I have really enjoyed this challenge. Writing about how much I loved wearing dresses as a little girl started me thinking about why I had changed this attitude in my self.  I realized that over time I adapted to social expectations that are not really me and I have challenged myself to rethink those ideals.  I also adapted to the likes of other's instead of staying true to myself.

Over the last two weeks, I have worked to change those things about my life.  I have worn a dress almost daily, though no makeup and I haven't done much with my hair past my normal wash, dry and pull it up.  I'm wearing flip flops with most of the dresses, simply because I haven't had time to do much else. 

Still the change has affected my entire household, well except for my son!  Both my girls also want to wear dresses.  They often change throughout the day, as little girls are known to do and most of those changes include their lovely dresses or a skirt.  I am thankful that they enjoy this style of dress as much as I do!

Even Josh's attitude is changing.  He cannot wait to get home just to see what dress I have on.  He is complimenting me more and enjoying the changes in me too.  I am thankful for this change in our life.

Last week, I mentioned to Josh that I wanted to get rid of most of my pants and shorts and replace them all with skirts and dresses.  He was all for it!  For my birthday, he provided me with a small shopping spree to buy new tops, skirts and dresses to make this wish of mine happen.  I was estatic to find 6 cute dresses, 9 tops and 2 lovely skirts.  I have spent this week matching new outfits and old pieces to create an adorable wardrobe to wear.  I will take some new pictures later to share with you all. (Camera battery is dead right now!)

For my next part of this challenge, I think I will challenge myself to do my hair and makeup everyday.  No sense looking cute in dresses without doing up the hair and face too!  I can only imagine what a change that will make in my days.  Something I will greatly look forward to! 

How about you? Have you ever thought about wearing more skirts or dresses to see what a change it makes in you?  Give it a try today!

Dear New Followers

Welcome to Luv'N Lambert Life!

I was unaware that I was co-hosting the Terrific Thursday blog hop until earlier today so I am unprepared for all the new friends it has brought me today.  I also have many new friends coming in from The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I am afraid I am in friend overload today! LOL 

I promise I will be following all the blogs, pages, and tweets I can but it will take me just a little while to get caught up!  Please bare with me while I do! 

Thank you all so much for joining us here!  We do look forward to getting to know each and every one of you, both our blogging friends and our TOS crew friends. 

~ Dana

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

32 Things I'm Thankful For {Thoughts from Me}

Number 2 of my 32 series is 32 Things I am Thankful For:

  1. My beautiful children.
  2. The smell of a clean home.
  3. Soft clothes to wear.
  4. Seizure-free days.
  5. Swings.
  6. Puppy kisses.
  7. Bubbles and balls to chase.
  8. Water sprinklers that bring about children's laughter.
  9. Turtles in our pond.
10. Birthday cakes made by Mom to make the day special (even when it's her own!)
11. Cameras to capture the memories.
12. Sweet iced tea.
13. Rain upon my skin.
14. Sun upon it too.
15. Walks in the woods.
16. Running to hug.
17. Sweet, simple smiles.
18. Medications that work.
19. Forgiveness.
20. God's unconditional love.
21. Naps on Daddy's side of the bed.
22. Good stories and "read it again Mom".
23. Learning naturally.
24. Words that are hard to understand: except to me.
25. Words that need no sound to express them.
26. Love.
27. Long driveways.
28. Tadpoles and baby brim to catch.
29. A husband who works hard for his family.
30. Home.
31. Clouds that make shapes.
32. Every single day I am blessed to be alive to enjoy these thankful things.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

32 Things about Me {Thoughts From Me}

Yesterday I officially turned 32.  It was a wonderful day for me.  I received many thoughful wishes from my dear online friends and also from my "real life" friends.  I had a wonderful shopping spree provided by the love of my life and was able to buy some cute dresses and shirts to wear.

So for my 32 birthday, I've decided to write a couple of posts, specifically in celebration of Me!  This will be my first: 32 Things about Me!

  1. I am the baby of my family.
  2. I am Gemini.
  3. I am non-denominational. 
  4. I love the color PINK.
  5. I love the tv shows, Army Wives and Pretty Little Liars.
  6. I have Epilepsy, just like my daughters.
  7. I sleep on my side.
  8. I am addicted to Pepsi, though I'm trying to quit.
  9. I love stories about Vampires.
10. I love historical fiction too!
11. I have always loved Winnie the Pooh.
12. I am not married.
13. I love musicals.
14. I'd have 20 kids like Michelle Duggar if I could (and I totally know why she has that many!)
15. My favorite body spray is from Victoria's Secret.
16. I love wearing high heels.
17. I prefer dresses.
18. I homeschool because God led me to it!
19. I do not push my children but instead let them learn as they are ready to succeed.
20. I am a cat lover.  Dogs are new for me!
21. I love Olive Garden!
22. Italian food is my favorite!
23. I enjoy a wide variety of music.
24. I cannot wear earrings.  I'm allergic.
25. Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite ice cream.
26. My parents were divorced.
27. I have two fathers, both have passed.
28. I struggle with housekeeping, big time!
29. My dream car is a Firebird Trans Am, but it won't fit my family!
30. I dislike sports!
31. I'm naturally dirty blonde.
32. I'm a tech junkie - and most of my friends ask me what to do when it comes to their computer.

Ok, that's 32 things about me that you may or may not have known!  I hope you enjoy reading my list and getting to know a little more about me than you knew before!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Photography {Photo Reflections}

Growing up, I would never have thought I would end up with an interest in Photography.  I hated having my picture taken, hated taking photos of others.  It was not something I considered fun at all.

In high school, I took the offered Photography elective only because I needed that class to cover my requirements for graduation.  I learned a lot about cameras and imagery from that class.  I, also, learned to look through the lense and "see" more than just a picture.

In the years that followed, I only took photos when necessary at family events.  I had no interest or reason for taking photos otherwise. 

When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I began to think more about pictures as I wanted to capture every moment of my son's life.  After he was born, I would take his photos often with my 35mm camera.  After a while it became hard to keep up with developing these images so I bought my first digital camera, an HP from Walmart.

I immediately grew to love my HP camera and my interest in photography began to blossom.  As my son, grew I wanted to learn how to edit his digital photos to capture the best quality possible.  I wanted to capture every single moment of his life, every tear, every smile. 

When my oldest daughter was born my love of photography grew even more.  I now had two babies to take pictures of.  Money was limited and purchased portraits were not an option for us.  I quickly realized I could take my own photos of my children to make up for their lack of professional portraits.

It was at this time that I began to realize I had fallen in love with photography.  I loved working with my digital images to build beautiful portraits and create art with our memories.  My lack of interest had turned into a love of this art form.

I have spent the last 10 years dabbling with photography.  It's been a slow process because of my daughters challenges, but every day I get a little bit better at it.  It is my hope that eventually I will be able to start my own photography business but for now I'm just happy snapping photos for my family and friends, making their memories last a lifetime. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Life With Epilepsy {Epilepsy Awareness}

This past week has found many instances for me to share our struggles with Epilepsy. Normally, I find that I don't go out of my way to share with others about our life with this disorder, but neither do I keep it hidden when asked or I think it will help someone. Just to be honest, the memories and talk have exhausted me this week.

This week has reminded me just how serious this disorder is.  It has reminded me to be thankful that my daughters Epilepsy is indeed in control.  I am reminded to be on my KNEES thankful to my God in Heaven that my daughters do not suffer more with this.

I can sit here and describe the terrors of this disorder all day long but you simply cannot understand unless you have lived similar.  There is NOTHING like watching your child lay limp, wondering if they are hurting, if this seizure will stop, if they will have brain damage or worse, death will occur. 

Yes, that's the truth of it.  My daughters could DIE from their disorder, from the severity of seizures.  My daughters could suffer life changing results, end up basically as vegetables if not dead, from a something that seems so simple but isn't.  Our lives could change forever with one single seizure.

I suffer from this too.  Yet I never worry about me.  I wish my daughters to be done with this disorder.  For it NOT to "bless" our family as it does.  For it to be destroyed with us, so that their own children don't have to live as we have lived, with something that we are limitedly able to control.  I pray for a cure, though I know for us there will most likely never be one.

I would love for one of the wonderful natural diets to work for us.  I would love to be able to detox my child and give her back her life.  I would LOVE to be able to give them some natural medication that will simply take this disorder away.  But I also know the dangers of attempting such things without my child's doctor working with us to do it.  I know there could be the most serious of results if I attempt these things and they go wrong. 

Our best option is following the orders of our trained neurologist, who always listens to my thoughts on natural treatment, though she often looks at me like I'm crazy when I tell her we will not medicate for ADHD.  Still she, too, looks for every option best for my girls and provides needed answers as we go along this journey.  I am thankful that God has blessed her with this knowledge to be able to somewhat help my daughters.

I am thankful our Epilepsy is not worse, that there are days when we can completely forget it, when my daughters can live like they are "normal".  Don't get me wrong, it's always there in the back of my mind but this disorder is "normal" for me, as I've lived with it all my life.  It will be "normal" for my children as it's always been a part of their lives. 

And daily, I find myself THANKFUL TO GOD for allowing us to be able to control our Epilepsy, for the things we have learned by having this throughout generations of our family that others aren't as lucky to have for reference, for the ability to LIVE "normal" lives, even with Epilepsy.  But mostly I am thankful that my girls do not suffer in pain from their seizures, that the medication works for them, that limiting triggers and control environmental variables helps them.  I am THANKFUL to be blessed with two beautiful girls and my sweet boys, to be able to live, love and laugh with them daily and I pray to be able to do this always.

Simply Blank {Thoughts From Me}

Sometimes I sit here and do my best to think of a blog post filled with information to share.  It doesn't come.  I shut off the computer and the words and thoughts flow but I'm unable to write because the computer is closed.

Last night my mind was FILLED with wonderful posts.  I had all the right words for at least three different posts.  But I wasn't prepared to write.

Tonight I waited, purposefully, for the thoughts and the words to come along but they haven't.  They have stood me up, left me alone, to make do with what does come. 

I have no words of wisdom, no thought provoking, life changing idea to share.  Just a bunch of words to create a lame post about how I have no idea what to write about.  Some call this writers block.  I guess it is.

Maybe tomorrow night will bring forth great groups of words to share.  Tonight I grow tired, well past when I should be and give into the lack of inspiration that has control of me.

So until next time...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Followers

To all our new friends and followers:

Just wanted to say welcome to Luv'N Lambert Life.  Thank you so much for joining us.  Please let me know if you have a blog, Facebook page or Twitter account because we LOVE to follow back.  Feel free to reply and let me know what you would like to see or hear more about on our little blog, on our Facebook page or our Twitter account.  We appreciate all feedback.

Thanks again and have a blessed week!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Joining In: What I'm Loving Wednesday

Decided that I'd join in today with What I'm Loving Wednesday over at
Join too if you will!

I'm absolutely LOVING reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts.
It's available on Kindle, In Hardcover print and Audio.
This book is AMAZING and will totally change how you view life!

Next week I will be joining in on a study of One Thousand Gifts (starting June 20th) over at Homemaker By Choice
Visit her link to join in on a giveaway for the book today!!

I am completely loving this blog.  Such wonderful faith and insight into Life
Everytime I visit, I walk away changed.

LOVING this GORGEOUS jewelry set from my good friend, Dana Adams over at White Lily Creations and Designs!

And as ALWAYS I'm loving these guys:

My Beautiful Family!

What are you Loving today?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Luv'N Lambert Life

Luv'N Lambert Life has a new domain name: http://www.luvnlambertlife.com/.  Hopefully this will make it easier to share and find us online.  Thanks for all the new followers, Twitter friends, and Facebook Fans for both Luv'N Lambert Life and Lambert Life Photography!  You all ROCK!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Prayer {Thoughts From Me}

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the greatest at Praying.  You will never see me set into writing a prayer for you, me or anyone else.  You will never hear me speak a prayer past a pre-written speech taught to millions daily for this very purpose.

It's not that I don't know HOW to pray, or what to say when I'm talking to God.  We - God and I - have a great relationship.  I talk to him just like I would my Father.  To be honest, He's the only REAL father I've ever had.  We often have indepth, life changing conversations with one another, just like I would with a real live Dad.

I tell him things, like how I wish my dear friend's child wasn't sick or how I hope he finds a permanent home for my sweet friend soon.  How I hope Laycie doesn't wake up and have a seizure tomorrow and I'm thankful Emmalee no longer has them.  Sometimes He reassures me, sometimes I hear him "speak" telling me all will be ok.  Other times there is silence, just peaceful tranquility that only God Himself brings.

I can't put these things into a melodical prayer.  I can't write them into pretty words and sentences, like some do.  But I can talk, just simply TALK to God and let him know what I'm thinking, feeling, wishing for others that I care about, who have touched my soul. 

This is simple chat with my Father is how I pray.  How do you pray?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I'm Reading: A Lot in June {Thoughts From Me}

Every month I have several things I should be reading, though I never seem to manage to make it all the way through.  I love to share blog reviews but when you don't finish reading a book for lack of reading time, you can't really give a review.  So in an effort to change my lack of finishing things, I thought I'd share my scheduled reading for the month.

This month and next month, I will be reading One Thousand Gifts from Ann Voskamp and joining in with an online study of the book, along with others at Homemaker By Choice.  It starts on my birthday and will last until we finish the book. 

I will also be reading through 31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way by Sarah Mae.  Sarah Mae has started a set of online groups for the book on Facebook.  You can join by choosing the group that fits you best at 31 Groups.  We are working through the book, doing as much as we are able, with the support of a wide variety of families similar to our own.

Another book I'm reading through is Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need It Most by Brooke McGlothlin from A Life In Need of Change.  I'm participating in the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons Challenge on Facebook.  We are a week in but already this challenge is changing our life.  My prayers for my sons are becoming surer and stronger, praying for their specific needs, strengths and weaknesses.  If you haven't heard of this eBook, then take a look today.

The previous two books are eBooks and I am reading them on my iPad daily.  There is no exact date to start or finish them, though the challenges are supposed to be finished within a month.  Since I tend to get distracted, I don't know if I'll finish in a month or not but hopefully I will manage to find a way.

I'm reading through Large Family Logistics, though I haven't managed to get very far.  I am enjoying the insights provided by this book.  I may never finish but hope to be able to work through it in time.

For review, I'm reading Second Chance Brides by Vickie McDonough.  I'm about 1/3 of a way through it but so far I have to say it's pretty great! 

So that's what I have planned to read for the rest of this month.  Look forward to more specific reviews to come.  I know I will enjoy reading through them in preparation of reviewing them for you.

Once I'm through reading these, I'm not sure what will be next.  Any favorites or suggestions from you???  Please share with me!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Luv'N Lambert Life on Facebook

Luv'N Lambert Life is now on Facebook! 

We've started our very own page to share even more!  Likes, dislikes, inspirational articles and lots more!  Stop by today and don't forget to "like" us!

While you're there check out our photography too! Lambert Life Photography is where we showcase our photography Art at it's best.  Don't forget to visit and "like" us there too!

Just a few other options to share in our favorite things!  We look forward to having you join us there!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Goal: Wearing Skirts {Thoughts From Me}

Reading this post by Amy at Raising Arrows for the She Wears Skirts series got me thinking about skirt wearing again.  I have attempted wearing skirts daily in the past but have always managed to fall back into the ease of throwing on whatever I find to wear.  Somehow this always seems to be pants or shorts, instead of skirts and dresses but I'm unsure as to why I don't go for my skirts first.

Growing up, I always wanted to wear pretty dresses or skirts and my Mom's high heels.  Some of my earliest dress up memories are of dressing this way.  Over the years, I somehow lost this idea of pretty dressing = femininity.  As I grew up, dressing like a "girl" became less important and dressing quickly became more important. 

As a Mom, I see my daughter torn over the ideals of the perfect woman.  I see her struggle to figure out whether she is beautiful.  I see her question if her teeth look nice, if her breath smells, if her clothes match, if her hair is nice.  Many of these questions come out of my own insecurity in beauty.  My daughter learns from watching me.

One thing I have learned from her is that I should give skirts a chance again.  She, like her Momma of yesterday, loves to dress up in pretty skirts and dresses.  She loves to have her nails painted pretty colors and her hair pinned up with sweet bows.  She enjoys wearing cute but comfy shoes and already she walks on her toes in prep for the high heels she will some day wear in her future.

My goal for this week is to go through my closet (read clean my closet here) and lay out several dress and skirt outfits I can wear each day.  I plan to rid myself of anything I dislike and have never really worn.  I want to match my shoes and accessories to these outfits as well, so that they will be complete and ready to go.

I know I won't completely give up pants and shorts but I do want to make a conscious effort to dress better and dress in skirts more often.  My sweetie has more than requested this style of dress from me as well, as he enjoys seeing me dressed to my feminine best each day when he comes home.  This encourages me to dress this way even more.  Making him happy brings me joy.

So hopefully, I can manage to get my closet under control, get some clothing matches made and start wearing my skirts more often this week. At least that's my goal for now!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Art of Chaos {Thoughts From Me}

Today I was out of blog post ideas, but really wanted to write, so I went a-searching for a topic.  I finally came across these words: The Art of Chaos.  I thought "Wow! This really fits me". 

Chaos surrounds our life.  Our days when Daddy is off work, we don't know what to expect to be doing.  When we wake each day we are unsure as to how the girls health will effect us for that day.  Our home itself stays chaotic in it's overly-messy state.  Even unschooling, learning with no set plan, brings Chaos for us.

But you know, we LOVE it.  We love not knowing what the day is going to bring.  We love swimming in rivers, watching turtles in the pond, seeing the unexpected fish jump out of the water, watching the birds fly off when we surprise them.  We love reading when we want to, because we love to, not because we have to.  We love watching and learning from that unexpected movie that we didn't plan on watching that day.  We love family time, eating the unexpected because we decided to try a new restaurant, learning to hold our breath in water even though we don't like our faces to get wet.  We even love the overly-messy state of our home which often comes from our unexpected experiences in our life. 

The ART of Chaos: for we are God's Art, his Masterpieces living life to the fullest, every day.  Enjoying moments that He has granted us and showing our Love of Him by enjoying every minute of it!

Chaotic Art is GOOD and God is too!

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 2011 Update

The month of June has brought out the heat in South Carolina.  Hot days, hot temps, simply hot, hot, hot.  Not that the kids seem to mind.  They are enjoying days filled with water sprinkler fun, swimming in the river, playing outdoors games like kickball, baseball and bike riding.  Their only dislike is how hot it already is outside.

Emmalee's puppy is growing like crazy.  He's already two inches taller than Claire, our Cocker Spaniel.  He's annoyingly loving and lots of fun.

The kids have been getting a lot of hands on nature study with the extra outdoor time.  We've been watching areas we're hanging out in for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak and finding it sometimes, thankfully avoiding it.  We've seen new babies flying, swimming, crawling everywhere.  Caught minnows and tadpoles in the river and pond.  Even helped clean out the overgrowth surrounding our pond so that we can enjoy time fishing and playing on the banks.

I haven't been able to go to bed early and sleep through the night because of the puppy's needs.  This is also reflecting on getting up early which I haven't been able to manage due to not being able to o to sleep early.  I have been reading my devotional book daily and reflecting on the things I have read.  This is such a blessing since I can't seem to get much else done while chasing a toddler and a puppy during the day. 

I'm hoping to be able to get back to work on my list soon, working on my goals.  I have several ideas for new blog posts that I'm hoping to be able to get into writing.  We have new curriculum to start working on and the kids are super excited.  We have plans for swimming, boating, fishing throughout our summer.  July we are heading to Georgia to visit family.  It's going to be a busy month but we are more than ready. 

Bring on Summertime in June.

Pine Tree Landing, Black River, SC {Photo Reflection}

Pine Tree Landing, Black River, SC 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cinderella Story? I think not! {Thoughts from Me}

Somedays I feel like I'm trapped in a bad Cinderella story.  The clutter seems to take over and I feel like I'm drowning in mess.  No matter how hard I try to overcome the Chaos, I cannot find a way out. 

I know I'm not the only one who feels like this.  Millions of women fall prey to the clutter overtaking their life.  Daily we search for the magic key to find our way out of the mess.  We read books and visit websites about cleaning, organizing, and overcoming this part of our lives.

I have read many books myself, frequented websites like Flylady.net, and attempted to put into action tons of plans to help me get organized and learn the important aspects of housekeeping.  Each time I have failed.  These same things that have worked for tons of women, do not work for me.

So where to start when you are overwhelmed, overworked and overly stressed?  Where do you start on the days when it's just too much to get out of bed and face the mess in your home?  What do you do when you don't know what to do?

I have learned that the first thing I should do is take my mess to the Lord.  I pray and ask God for guidance, allow Him to work His magic on my life.  While He is healing my clutter on the inside, I work on our home. 

Second thing I do is pick a place and just start.  For instance, today I cleaned out a cabinet in my bedroom, refolding the clothes inside, threw out the clothes I no longer like, and I went through a file of photos that were stashed in there too.  It wasn't much but it made a big impact on my bedroom.

I find that my time on the computer takes a lot from my day, preventing me from getting things done that I need to.  In order to prevent this distraction in my life, I have been limiting how much time I am spending on this time waster.  This is allowing me more time to get my housework done. 

Small things, like investing in a dishwasher have helped me a lot, too.  Instead of washing dishes, I am able to load the dishwasher and then get something else done while the dishes are being washed by the machine.  This is something my children are also able to help out with giving me even more time to work on other tasks that need done.
I distribute easier tasks to my children.  I have them pick up their own messes as soon as they are done.  They help our preschooler put her things where they belong.  They are being taught that living in a home requires everyones help to keep it in control and they enjoy the results of their efforts over time.

I am still learning about homekeeping and organizing.  It's been a long hard road for me to travel but I have learned bits and pieces from the materials I have read, though the methods haven't worked for me.  I am taking the bits and pieces and creating my own style of cleaning and organizing that does work for me and my family.

What are some of your best homekeeping and organizing tips?  Which tasks do you do yourself and which do you distribute to other family members to do?

An American Education {Homeschooling}

Lately, I have been asked quite a few questions about home schooling, especially in our home state of South Carolina. In this post, I would like to discuss home schooling throughout the country. Later, I will discuss the particulars of home schooling in South Carolina.
With the downslide of American education many parents are seeking different methods for educating their children. Parents want to improve the lives of their children by bringing their children back home, or at least back to their families, instead of thrusting them into the common institution of Public School. Parents are beginning to realize that there are other options to choose from.

The Public Education System:
This educational method was developed as a normal occurrence in America in the 19th Century and became the primary source for education in the decades that followed. This form of education has it’s benefits and it’s downfalls.

Benefits are that there are set hours for learning that both parents and children can rely on. This allows parents a break, as well as time for work, home duties, and community relations that would be harder to manage with children at home every day. It allows children to know exactly what to expect each day.

In public schools, children are taught from the five main subjects of Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies or History each year and later they are also taught Composition and Literature. Many public schools include studies in Physical Education, Art, Music, and Foreign Language. Some schools add in even more studies but these are the general group of studies available in most American schools.

Transportation and meals are provided by the public school system for those in the community. Discounts and free materials are provided for those who have low incomes that qualify for assistance. Field Trips are often an added bonus as well as constant socialization with peers.

Downfalls are that children often get up early for school and don’t get home until late afternoon. Parents and children miss out on essential relationship time with one another and special moments are often shared with the educator instead of a child’s parents. Children are often pressed to learn concepts they are not ready to explore and forced to stay on task when they fall behind on these confusing concepts. This often leads to children not obtaining optimal scores on tests and later to them becoming more confused, making it harder to catch up to other students who are ahead of them on the learning curve. Many children never catch up at all and continue to fail throughout their lives.

Parental interaction and discipline becomes a task trusted to the child’s educator instead of the parent. Respect towards a parent tends to drop due to lack of interaction from the limited time parents and children actually have together. Educational right is signed over to the school system making the school responsible for your child in the many hours they are in the school’s possession, leaving the parent with essentially no right to their own child.

As you can tell there are many bonuses and many disappointments in American Public Schools. As a parent, we must weigh the positives and negatives against our own families beliefs, wants and goals to see if this option is right for us. For many, it is the perfect way to educate but for others there may be better ways that are being missed. I will discuss those next.

Private School:
Privately funded schools have been around much longer than Public Schools. These schools are often funded by wealthy members or large corporations. They are similar to public schools in that they provide education in a wide variety of subjects, however they often come with a high tuition and a limited entrance allowance for students.

Some schools require students to pass a entrance exam before accepting them for admission. Often these schools do not provide free meals or transportation and these things must be provided by the parent instead on top of tuition cost and educational fees. However, having less students in a classroom provides a better educational approach, sometimes providing more one-on-one time for students than Public Schools offer.

Private schools often offer music, sports, and more. Christian schools provide education in the Lord. This can be an excellent educational choice for students and families if a parent can afford tuition costs and provide the necessary essentials needed to maintain this choice.

Virtual School:
Virtual schools come in two forms: State provided and Tuition schools. Tuition paid virtual school allow much more freedom in education than those provided by the state but often home schooling parents cannot afford the cost.

Tuition paid virtual schools allow parents to pick and choose their curriculum choices, their hours, options, field trips and more. It is all up to the parent to decide what to use, what works best for their child and what is not worth the time spent to complete. This version of virtual school is often the only one supported by home school associations in America.

State provided Virtual school has recently been termed “public school at home”. Many home schooling associations throughout America no longer accept this type of schooling as home school and instead have deemed it to be public school. Statements by parents who use this method have showed that this type of education can often be much harder than that of regular public school, as it is geared to challenge a student more than normal public school does.

If your child excels at school work then this would probably be a great option for you. If your child is behind in school work then this option may put your child farther behind educationally. Only you, as the parent, can decide what is best for your child and family.

The same educational choices offered through public school are often offered with Virtual schools. Field trips, school events, etc are provided through the public school option.

Charter Schools:
Charter Schools are sort of a cross between private and public schools. They are state provided, though they have less rules than that of traditional public schools. This allows Charter Schools more freedom of choice in educational methods and materials, often allowing a better education for students.

Charter schools often have admission requirements that must be met by a student, much like Private schools. Transportation is not always provided. Outside resources sometimes provide essential money for educational provisions. However, teachers are not always certified trained educators.

The degree of freedom allowed can make up for the lacking of institutional requirements for this type of school. Children are often found to excel in this type of educational environment because the general requirements are more lenient than those of Public Schools.

Home School:
School at home is our choice of education. I cannot stress the benefits of home schooling enough. I will first mention the downfalls though.

Home schooling is tough. Parents are often with their children 24/7 with little to know break. Parents must see to their child’s every need and have no one to blame their slackness upon when things fall through. Parents must find educational methods on their own to provide interest for their children, to cure boredom and challenge children, as well as themselves. Parents are the only disciplinary figure in their child’s life. Parents must deal with medical issues that affect education with little to no help. Parents must provide educational materials, opportunities, socialization, and more with no assistance or financial help. Families often have to learn to survive on one income.

Now for the bonuses of home schooling: Children are able to learn in a private, comforting environment. Children are able to learn at their own pace, with little to no interruptions. Children are able to work for shorter periods of time, allowing more time for play. Families are able to spend large amounts of time together strengthening bonds. Families are able to take trips with one another or have park or play days when it’s convenient to them, not a state dictated schedule. Children are able to learn subjects that interest them, not those preferred by the school district they attend. Children are able to dress, eat, love things that fit their style. Parent’s are able to choose curriculum content based on their family preferences, adding biblical studies, life skills, foreign language studies and much more as they please and as early as they feel it is educationally important. Children come to enjoy their schoolwork instead of resent it because it’s tailored to their likes and needs. Families get along better because they don’t suffer from the pressures of outside tasks.

This list could go on and on but I will stop here. In the future, I will be giving more home schooling information, sharing specifics for the State of South Carolina, as well as curriculum ideas per grade level. We will share our likes and dislikes, our joys and regrets. For now, I hope this article gives you some insights on the different educational types available in comparison with one another. 

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion.  I am not a doctor or lawyer or professional and do not proclaim to be.  I am only a blogger.  The rest of my disclaimer is located at the bottom of the home page on my blog.

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