Friday, December 23, 2011

December Update from Us! {Thoughts from Me}

Our life is pretty busy right now with the Christmas Holidays, a looming 11th Birthday and lots and lots of doctors appointments.  Christmas will be past this weekend and the lovely summer-like weather outside leaves us feeling more like Christmas in July than December.  There definitely will not be a White Christmas for those of us in Georgetown, SC this year!

Next Wednesday, my handsome son is turning 11!  It's been a fight just to keep his day free of doctors appointments for his sister but Momma has been insistant that they leave my boy's big day free and clear for him alone.  It's so easy to get lost in the shuffle when two of your sisters have health issues.  I have always tried to make sure that his day is special, especially when Christmas also steals so much from it, too.  So this year we will be having his party on his big day complete with a sleepover with all our good friends.  And we can't wait!!

As for the doctors visits, my sweet Emmalee is keeping us busy, not with seizures this time but instead with her toe walking.  Her doctor is sending us for a quick MRI of her spine to be sure it isn't tethered causing her to toe walk.  Then back to her office on Thursday for a full physical and hopefully the results of the MRI which I pray are negative.  After the first of the year, depending on the results of the MRI, we will have more appointments with more doctors to repair whatever is going on with my beautiful girl.  It promises to be a busy New Year for us in 2012.

So we will definitely be busy this coming year with school and doctors and simply loving life together.  Bring it on, 2012... we impatiently await your arrival with cheer!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I See Cards: Fractazmic {Crew Review}

Fractazmic is a fun fraction card game full of fraction action from I See Cards.  This game allows your child to learn fractions at their own personal level in a fun way.  Children of all ages will enjoy playing Fractazmic, specially those in grade levels 1-8. 

Made from sturdy material, the 60 colorful cards are clearly numbered and each is labeled with the fraction and a corresponding graphic.  The deck is sorted into three distinct sets of cards: The Twelfths Suit (Blue), The Tenths Suit (Green) and The Sixteenths Suit (Red). Fractazmic teaches children to quickly convert and add fractions, reinforces using fractions in real life, and also reinforces the relationship of fractions and measurements.

The aim of this game is to combine the fractions in a suit to create a hand of 1 whole.  The player who creates the most "hands" wins the game.  Fractazmic can be played by an individual child alone for practice but is designed to be played by 2-4 people in game format. 

This fun, educational card game is priced at $6.95 US and is available through I See Cards online.  For more reviews on Fractazmic and other I See Cards products please visit the TOS Review Crew Blog.

*Disclaimer - This product was provided to me free in exchange for my honest opinion in a review from I See Cards and The Old School House Homeschool Review Crew.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Changing Me {Thoughts From Me}

Every year I make a post about what I want to change.  Heck, every few months I make that post.  Yet I never seem to make the changes happen.  I go through the start of the process, but I can't seem to make it to the awaited result. 

I've read a million posts, thoughts, books about making changes in life, home, homeschooling and myself.  I take away so much from these wonderful things yet never seem to put them into action.  I join groups online just to put the things I learn into action and still I don't.  I'm a serious procrastinator and to be honest, I'm not at all sure how to change that.  I want to but I simply don't know how.

Some would say I'm fairly lazy, yet when I work on something I bust my butt at it so how can I truly be considered lazy?  I consider myself organizationally challenged and a bit OCD in some ways.  The two don't work well together at all.  Add in the fact I'm a procrastinating Gemini and oh boy, what a MESS! 

Still I know there is some way I can overcome all of my personal challenges to have the life, the home and to become the person I truly wish to be.  I know with God's help, with His Love and Guidance I can overcome any issue.  I place my faith and hope into His gracious hands daily as I walk this path to find my way in the life He has blessed me with.

I struggle to find my way but I know these are the things I want to be in life:  A loving wife, a gracious Mother, an honest and faithful friend, a strong and faithfilled servant to Him.  So bettering myself in Christ, in Love, in Knowledge are always goals that I strive daily to reach.  I feel I fail at them most days, but I know He guides me through and everyday I become a bit closer to each goal.  One day I will meet them and exceed who I wish to become to reach what He wished for me to be all along.  Until then I will move forward in life and slowly work at the things I need to work towards and change about me day by day, minute by minute and hopefully I will enjoy every single minute of Lambert Life along the way.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ARTistic Pursuits {Crew Review}

ARTistic Pursuits is an art curriculum created to teach children about art as they learn how to create art.  This is more than just art instruction, it is art education at it's best.  ARTistic Pursuits makes art FUN for all ages, in an understanding and creative way.

For this review, we were given a copy of ARTistic Pursuits book one for grades K-3.  This book is an introduction to Visual Art through art instruction, master works and 32 lesson projects.  Each lesson teaches an artistic skill, shows a particular style of art and artist and allows a creative, age appropriate project to build a child's artistic skills. 

My children really enjoyed the projects in this book.  My middle daughter, my artist, particularly loved learning about the different styles of art and differing artists that share her talent.  We were able to incorporate this art program with the curriculum we have already been using with ease to increase our educational development in a challenging, yet fun way. 

ARTistic Pursuits is a wonderful program to use for any family, homeschooling or not.  This program could be used as a supplement for any artistic student in addition to art programs provided through a public school, over the summer or for at home instruction.  It's easy for any parent to teach, even one not skilled in art instruction such as myself.

ARTistic Pursuits curriculum is available online for around $42.95 per book.  For more reviews of this product please visit the TOS Homeschool Review Crew blog.

*Disclaimer - ARTistic Pursuits was provided for free by the TOS Homeschool Review Crew in exchange for my honest opinion in a review on this blog.  No money was exchanged for this review.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life Lessons from my Children {Thoughts from Me}

Today is my niece's 11th birthday.  I remember the day she was born.  There was actually snow on the ground in South Carolina.  I remember her having a large head and tiny fists and sweet little toes.  I remember her sweet smell and her rosy pink cheeks.  Seems like it was just yesterday.  She latched onto my heart and has yet to let go.

Her birthday is the reminder that December is here.  December brings the birth of Christ, Christmas the holiday, celebrations, fun times and memories.  It also begins my children's birthday season.  December, February and April.  Each month blessed me more than I could have ever imagine.

December brings my son's 11th birthday this year.  I look forward to it.  I love watching him grow.  I dread the day when he leaves home.  I pray he's more man that I could have ever wished for.  I want so many things for him but I know his life lies in the hands of God where I placed him and his sisters long ago.

My children have been such blessings to my life.  They have each taught me so much in their own rights.  I could never have imagined how much of a gift they truly are on the day of their birth.  I can only imagine how much of a blessing and gift we each are as children of God everyday.

My son has taught me what love is.  Unconditional, patient love.  The kind that never gives up, never judges and never stops.  That's his kind of love and how he lives his life.  His immense patience with me and his sisters always astonishes me.  His kindness is beyond belief.  My son at 11 is already more of a man than most men I know.  I'm thankful for that.  When he was born I didn't know what our relationship would be, what blessing he would bring me but every day my eyes are opened more.

My older daughter has taught me strength and patience.  I have learned to let go and pick battles with her that are worth the fight.  She is strong - strong willed, strong minded and strong in heart.  She's brought me closer to God with her love for him and her strength in her choices and opinions and will.  She's blessed my life, driving me to the edge of anger and switching my heart with a quick, innocent smile.  She, too, shows me what God sees in each of us every single day when we push him to the edge of anger only to feel him gracefully bless us with another day of forgiveness.  I will always love her, I will always forgive her, I will always be with her as God is with each of us.  Nothing she can do will change that - she has my heart, this girl.

My baby girl has taught me joy and filled my heart with it abundantly, as well as her brother and sisters.  Emma deemed her our Angel at her birth and that she is, sent straight down from God's arms in Heaven.  Her laughter warms us, her smile brings happiness to us.  So many times she's come close to returning to Heaven and I am always thankful when He blesses us with another day to see her joyful smile and see her sprite-like innocence bloom into a bright, beautiful, angelic child. 

Together the three of them fullfill my life.  They bring me so much joy and happiness, so much love and strength and honest light.  I see God in their eyes every single day.  I'm thankful to God above for them, for only He could create someone so precious as these three are to me.  Only He knew what joy and purpose they'd bring into my life when He chose me to be their Mother.  How could I ever doubt His will for me or for them?  I have Faith that He takes care of us all, that He planned this life for us to Honor him and His love for us.  I know He has a plan and thus far it's been better than I could have ever known!  For that I'm forever Thankful.


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