Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Princess 2012 {Photo Reflection}

Another week of chaos is leading into a weekend of the same for our household.  In just a few hours my sweet Princessa Emmalee is turning 9.  I can hardly believe she is already 9.  She was just a short, sweet, curly haired baby toddling around my yard.

She's amazing, my little girl.  She does everything with such an amazing strength.  She has a love for Jesus that I envy.  Though she struggles more daily with the worldly, there is always a kindness inside her that shines through.  I know that stems from her strong Christian roots that I have tried to instill in her from birth.

Emma is my artist.  She lives for art.  Craves it.  Looks for the artistic aspects in all of her life.  She will throw down anything, whatever she is doing to create a masterpiece.  And what a masterpiece this little girl is, straight from Heaven sent down to me.  I could never be thankful enough for the blessing that this sweet girl is to my life.

She keeps me on my toes.  She makes me thrilled and angry all at once, feeling Life through her own determined stubborness.  And stubborn she is, but it is her way, born to her just as the Art is.  Someday her bold and strong attitude will take her far places that I can only imagine as she is growing.

So on this day of February 17, 2012, I tell my Princessa Happy Birthday and wish her as many blessings as her life has given to me.  I wish her all her dreams come true with God's loving guidance showing her the way.  I could not be more excited for her to turn 9, as I know she is just as excited today.

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