Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A lot of Life Is Going On {Baby Announcement/Thoughts From Me}

There are tons of new things happening around Luv'N Lambert Life.  We are extremely busy in the new year with life, laughter and love.  Doctors appointments have filled our weeks.  Expectancy fills our days.

We happily announce and patiently await the arrival of our newest little Luv due September 6, 2012.  Baby Lambert will be a joy to our days and lives.  Every one is excited to have a new little one to love and share with in the house again.

Morning sickness has been kicking my Momma butt.  I'm currently on medication to keep life manageable after suffering some serious effects this pregnancy.  The meds help and I'm extremely thankful.  I'm enjoying every moment of feeling this little bean grow in my tummy.  I'm still undecided if this will be our last baby but I'm leaning on the side of "yes".  I feel more than 4 c-sections would be pushing the health risks a little too much but I am still praying over my decision in this.

My Emma has been in physical therapy for the past few weeks to correct her toe-walking issues.  She has an MRI on Monday to recheck for tethering of her spinal cord, after her last test was not performed correctly.  I am praying for positive results still.

My Laycie is also in therapy.  She will have her first OT and PT evals next Tuesday to help with her motor developement.  She is already in speech therapy to help her pronounce her words and sounds correctly.  It's a bit too early to say if it is helping or not.  I suppose time will tell there.

My Bubba is just hanging out while all these girls do their stuff.  He's enjoying some new games he got for Christmas.  He's been watching a lot of fun and educational stuff on Netflix lately which always helps with school. 

Soon taxes will come back and be spent on the "extra's" we will use throughout the year: new camera for Momma, new printer for school, and hopefully new tvs for the kids. These are the hopes we have at least.  I'd also like to get passes to a few things like the State Parks and Zoo this year for the kids but we will see.  Always so much to do with so little time and money.

Well duty calls... until next time...

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