Friday, March 9, 2012

Children are a Gift {Thoughts From Me}

Lately, I've had a lot of thoughts that I have wanted to turn into blog posts but by the time I get here, I forget what I have to say.  I feel God speaking to me, asking me to speak out, yet I keep putting it off.  Bear with me as I try to catch up with my emotions and brain.

All over the internet, I see Mother's complain about being Mothers.  I am also guilty of complaint.  Many of today's women don't see the Glory they have in the job of raising God's children.  They see their wants and needs above that of their young.

I often see Mother's who cling to the ideals of the life they are missing.  I hear comments on how they need a break or to simply go out.  Yes, a break is a nice thing to have.  I completely agree but honestly, it's time to bring the Glory of God back into your home by embracing and loving on the babies He has gifted you.

There comes a time in life when you must grow up and realize what you are missing out on by going out every Friday or Saturday night.  Making excuses to do so is just that, an excuse to escape what you were meant to do.  And why?  Because you claim you are too stressed out to continue.

What if you changed that thought though?  What if you began to see JOY in your life and in your children?  I read online the other day a comment that said to place your hand over your heart and feel the beat, to feel your purpose and know you are alive for a reason.  And you are.

Your purpose as a Mother is to RAISE your children, to provide them the teachings of the Lord (or of your beliefs if they differ from mine).  Your purpose as a Mother is to educate your children in the right way and how to avoid the wrong ways.  It is not to pass your children off to someone else so you can do as you please.  Those days left when you chose to have a child, adopt a child, or even become a parent to a child that isn't yours.  Those days left when God chose you to do this important job for him.

This is a JOB, not a HOBBY.  This is a REQUIREMENT, not an OPTION.  You cannot just be a parent when you chose.  Once you are a Mother you are a Mother forever.  Your children should be what you HAPPILY choose to live for, not what you dread.

Children are God's Light, shining every moment of the day.  They are a joy to have around.  You only have them a short time.  Do you really want them to remember you as a parent who simply shoved them off?  Or do you want them to have memories of a Mother who followed God's orders and gave them the love and grace He himself gives each of us daily?  I'm personally aiming for the later.  What about you?

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  1. Such an awesome post!!! I love your on!!! Thank you!


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