Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 26th - Epilepsy Awareness {Epilepsy Awareness}

It's March and Epilepsy Awareness Day is quickly creeping up on me.  It's March 26th but for us Epilepsy Awareness is EVERY day.  It's a daily part of our life and something we never take for granted.

When you live with a seizure disorder you know a seizure can happen at any time of the day.  I went shopping in Walmart one day when my sweet Mimi was a baby.  Before I could even get started with my shopping she had a seizure in my arms.  Needless to say we immediately went home.

My precious Laycie has fallen to the floor in the bathroom, bumping her head on our bathtub when she was just a baby learning to pull up with me nearby.  It was unexpected and there was no warning her seizure was coming.  I'm thankful every day that she is okay.

Needless to say my days are filled with overprotecting and over-watching my babies.  I am not able to send my girls to visit at their friends homes without being nearby.  I cannot allow them to play out of my sight for long.  I have a constant vigil to ensure they are indeed okay and safe in everything they do.

This doesn't mean I don't allow them to be as normal as possible.  Emma has been wanting to learn to ride horses since she was 3.  We are currently looking for a stables that can accommodate her Epilepsy, as well as protective equipment to keep her safe, even though she hasn't had a seizure since she was 4.

Laycie plays hard in all she does as she wishes to do.  She goes boating with her Daddy.  Her life is as normal as it can be without over-doing it.

But as they do things, their Epilepsy is never forgotten.  It's always present and we leave it to our Neuro and God to keep our girls healthy.

This March 26th isn't the only day you should share Epilepsy Awareness.  You can start today by sharing your story with others.  You can share about seizures and what to do in an emergency; seizures can happen to anyone at anytime and any age.  Learn, share and spread the word today!

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