Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Sweet Laycie {Thoughts from Me}

Laycie is my beautiful 3year and 10 month old daughter.  She is my baby girl.  She's a joy to everyone who knows her.

The day Laycie was born her big sister Emmalee took one look at her and deemed her our Angel.  She definitely is.  She has blessed each of us more than we surely deserve.  She was sent straight from Heaven above.

Laycie starts her day by seeking out her brother first thing.  She loves their special morning time together.  She has him fix her cereal and milk and he always happily obliges.

After that she finds me with a beautiful smile, saying "you awake Mommy?"  "You ARE awake Mommy... good morning!" with a laugh.  I love it when she tells me that!!  I love to hear her say it almost as much as I love her "I love you, I like you, Mommy".  She is precious my sweet girl.

The next thing she asks me is "Where is my Dahee?" (Daddy)  "Is Dahee at work?"  "Yes, Daddy's at work." "Oh," is often her reply.  "Do you miss Daddy?"  "Yea" she tells me.

When it's time for her medicine she is always ready and willing to take it.  She knows it makes her feel better.  She doesn't mind.  She's taken it since she was a baby so it's a routine part of her life.

Laycie spends most days alternating between each of us.  She was born into family and she doesn't know what alone is.  She chooses by the minute who she wants to be next to and she loves spending time with everyone of us.  We love spending time with her too.

Last month, Laycie started doing preschool work.  She is learning her colors and shapes.  She is learning concepts.  She is learning to pronounce her "p's", her "k's" and her "g's".  She loves to learn.  And every night she loves telling her Daddy what she has learned that day.  And of course he loves to hear her.

When Daddy isn't working you can bet you will find him and Laycie somewhere together.  She is his shadow when he is at home.  He doesn't go far without her at least knowing where he is at.  She loves her Daddy and he loves her.

When Laycie was born, her bassinet carried the last name Lambert.  Today I believe that was a promise from God because not only is it her Mommy's last name but it's her Daddy's too.  One day Laycie will carry that last name once again.  In her heart, she already does.

Laycie doesn't know much of her past.  She's three.  There's no need to tell her about the then.  For her there is only now.  Now, living in the home she will grow up in for life, with her Mommy and Daddy and her Bubba, her Sissy and her Justain.  Now, living next door to her Mama, her Grami and Grumpy and behind her Papa's pond and her Maw Maw's house.  She talks with her Nanny, her uncle Lance and her Aunt Terris and cousin Megan on the phone every chance she gets.  These are the daily consistancies in her life.  This NOW is her life.

I daily thank God for this life, for this child He has blessed me with.  There was a time I wasn't sure if I'd ever see her again.  There was a time that I worried that the abuse she was being raised in would catch her before I could save her from it.

I would give my life for all my children.  I will fight for them forever.  There is nothing I would not do for them.  They are my life and all I want is for them to live their's happily and in a safe, protective environment.

I'm thankful this is the only life Laycie knows, the only one she remembers.  I am thankful she has a Daddy who is here with her every day, who would give his own life for her.  I am blessed to see the love he has for our daughter, blessed that she is able to know the unconditional love of a father and family as she has.  This is the life and family she was meant to have and she loves every single minute of it.

Laycie, our Angel, has been more of a blessing than I could ever have imagined.  Blessed I am to be able to call myself her Mother.

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