Thursday, March 1, 2012

A note about Copyright

Just a little reminder...

ALL personal photographs provided here on Luv'N Lambert Life are property of Dana C. Lambert, owner of Luv'N Lambert Life the blog and website, and legally copyrighted.  Please do not copy, share, save, etc. any photos that are personally mine from this website.  Doing so is punishable by law.  You may seek permission to obtain photos by contacting me personally.

Thank you,
Dana C. Lambert
Owner of Luv'N Lambert Life


  1. Quick question: does that mean no pinterest pinning? I've read somewhere that some feel that it is a copyright issue to pin a photo/image from a blog- what says you? :)

  2. That is becoming quite a controversy. I admit I pin to Pinterest and share there but I'm thinking more and more about not doing it daily. This message is more a personal direction as it's come to my attention that people from our past are still stalking us and are possibly and probably stealing private photos that I have made public out of sharing our family with others and helping those who are homeschooling with Epilepsy like we do. If someone chooses to pin my photos, I don't mind but I would appreciate a quick email or message asking me beforehand. Mostly, I don't want photos of my children and family pinned or saved. All photos sharing a product we've reviewed or showing a project we've created I don't mind having shared. It's more one of those issues that I just wish people in our past would respect my children and let us be.


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