Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Quick Look at Homeschooling {Homeschooling}

So I need to make a blog post but I'm sitting here distractedly watching my sweet almost 4 year old cut up pieces of morning art project on my brand new couch, gritting my teeth hoping she doesn't miss and cut a hole in it!  She took it upon herself to make a beautiful chalk drawing on a sheet of yellow construction paper.  Her new obsession is cutting paper into tiny little squares.

She amazes me.  She is smart as can be.  She even amazed her therapists yesterday as she worked through her tasks with ease and brilliance of memory.  *Yep she gets that from me!* LOL

She's finally finished her artwork and now she is carefully carrying it and her tiny squares back over to our dining table where she was supposed to be working in the first place.  Her chalk rolls across the table and she runs to the other side to retrieve it.  "I got it Mommy," she excitedly tells me.

This kind of stuff is exactly why I choose to homeschool.  If my children attended public school, I would completely miss out on these precious moments and they would miss out on this time with me.  Not to mention my little Laycie would miss out on her special creative moments like the ones she's had this morning.  And it's the same for my other children.  This is what homeschooling is all about.

I must say this is not the post I intended for this morning but I guess God had different ideas for me!  I'm finding following his lead is much easier than I once thought and my life is much better for it.  The joys of my days are found in the Love He has blessed me with.

What is joyful to you today??

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