Sunday, April 22, 2012

MUSC Here We Come! {Epilepsy Awareness}

A few weeks ago Laycie was having a few strange things going on that led to a call to her neuro.  The symptoms she was having could be related either to her seizures or her medicine but it was enough to concern me after a long period of watching to see what happened next.

The neuro told us that we could not raise her medicine dosage any more.  She decided that she would like to test Laycie for a longer period than normal with an overnight EEG and sleep study.  I was more than willing to agree.

So this week Laycie, Daddy and I are off to the Children's Hospital at MUSC in Charleston to spend the week.  Grandma will be home with Bubba and MiMi, keeping things going while we are away.  Honestly, you'd think we are going on vacation with the amount of luggage we have ready to go: clothes, medicine, private needs, toys, movies, and more.  It takes a lot to keep a 4 year old busy during a 3-5 day hospital stay in a room that she cannot leave without a tech to accompany her.

Daddy has to take off work to accompany us on our journey.  His bosses are not thrilled with this but he knows Laycie and I both need him there.  Being 5 months pregnant doesn't make this trip any easier on me and being alone with a tired and sometimes very sick Momma doesn't do Laycie any good either.  Needless to say, we are both happy to have Daddy going along with us.

So tonight we have packed and are ready to go.  The kids are asleep and we are soon to follow.  Tomorrow we wait until we get the call saying our room is ready and then we will head off on our week-long journey in an effort to overcome our battle with Epilepsy.

What are your plans for this week??

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