Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amazing Science! Vol 1 {Crew Review}

Learn the principles of science with Amazing Science Videos from  This 2 disk collection provides extensive explanation of many fun, interesting experiments for elementary aged students.  A total of 23 varied experiments are presented on Amazing Science! Volume 1.

Some of our favorites were Color Changing Milk where Jason Gibson from explains how to change milk with food coloring.  The Lemon battery experiment was another favorite that my children were excited to see in action.  Jason used lemons and two types of metal to show how batteries work, using the lemons to work a small calculator.  Lift an Ice Cube with String was an experiment that we personally gave a try though we did not have luck making the ice stick to the string with salt.  We did enjoy seeing it done on video and will try it again at a later time.

We look forward to trying out a few more of the many presented experiments shown by Jason Gibson from in our future lessons.  This video series is a great addition for any science program showing extensive, yet simple experiments that any family can do.  We surely will be purchasing more of these videos to use in our own curriculum at home and at $19.99 it's a great price for any homeschooling family to invest!

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*Disclaimer - This video was provided free for review by and the TOS Homeschool Crew!

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