Sunday, April 22, 2012

God's Great Covenant {Crew Review}

God's Great Covenant is a bible course for children covering the New Testament: The Gospels.   This curriculum from Classical Academic Press, written by Claire A. Larsen, provides a strong foundation allowing children to follow the life of Jesus from birth through his fulfillment of God's promises to all.  Written for students in grades 4 and up, this curriculum provides a thorough explanation of his unexpected arrival to his ending suffering for our sins.

This curriculum begins with several introductions showing the Historical, Political, Chronological, Geographical, Religious and Daily Life of the time period for The Gospels.  4 units are divided into 36 chapters that show each aspect of Jesus's life.  At the end of each unit a memory passage, devotional guide and Simon's World explanation is provided for unit review.  Appendices at the end of the book provide examples of the fulfillment of God's prophecies, Jesus life as a Prophet, Priest and King, and the Lord's Prayer as well as chapter quizzes.  Maps are also provided at the end of the student book for use throughout the curriculum.  God's Great Covenant also provides a thorough Teacher's Guide, with thorough explanations of the course work, plenty of room for notes and answers to the student worksheets.

Student Text
Teacher's Edition Text

God's Great Covenant: A Bible Course for Children, The New Testament 1: The Gospels is a great study of Jesus's life, perfect for any student in upper Elementary or lower Middle grades.  It would also be the perfect curriculum for an advanced 3rd grade student.  Priced at $26.95 for the print Student Edition, $29.95 for the print Teacher's Edition and $9.95 for the accompanying MP3 Audio Files.  Old Testament studies are also available for a similar price.

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Disclaimer - This product was provided to me free for review by Classical Academic Press and the TOS Homeschool Review Crew.

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