Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's For Us {Epilepsy Awareness}

Our weeks are always filled with busy-ness but Tuesdays are generally our busiest days since we have to get up earlier than our normal days for therapy.  Generally, our weekdays start at 8:30 - 9 am and I let my kids sleep until they wake up.  On Tuesdays, we must be up by 8 am to make it to therapy on time.  This is perfectly fine for my early-riser son but my sleepy-headed girls don't like it any more than I do.

So we drag ourselves about our Tuesday mornings getting ready, making sure Laycie has her medicine, finding shoes and socks, then heading out the door to drop Winston off at Maa-Maa's, and then heading to our destination at our pediatric therapy.  Speech, physical and occupational for Laycie and physical for Emmalee.  The girls enjoy this time a lot and I appreciate that they do since they need the extra help to correct differing issues for each of them.

After therapy we often run our town errands.  Today was picking up a photo, shower curtain and groceries.  Then we head back home to retrieve our darling brother, spend a little time visiting and back home to get whatever needs done, done.

Seriously, just thinking about our Tuesday's tires me out!!  I truly think the pregnancy fatigue doesn't help though.  Tuesday afternoons are generally filled with educational videos or books and lots of play since we don't have a lot of time left in the day.  Sometimes Laycie and I will catch a quick nap, depending on how tired she is after her therapy.

The rest of the week is spent slowly, just like we like it, with no early-rising (except for Winston, of course - but he enjoys his morning alone time) and going through the day as it comes up.  Activities for school are completed as scheduled and fun play happens as we find time during the week.

So all of that said, I find today was a rather long Tuesday for me, probably because I couldn't sleep last night and had to rise early today.  Bedtime will come sooner rather than later and hopefully I will make up for last night's lack of rest.

How did you spend your Tuesday??

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