Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little About Us - for new visitors!

As I'm sitting here working on blog hops and reading great posts from lots of great people, I realized that my last two recent posts have both been about the Welcome Wednesday blog hop and my TOS review of Judah Bible Curriculum.  Both of these posts tell oh so little about me and my family or my blog.   So a Welcome to my World post is in order!

Those who know me know that I'm Dana, Mommy to many.  The love of my life is Josh.  Our family is combined and our life is filled with 7 great kids.

 Nancy and Debi are Josh's twins from his previous marriage.  They are not his biological daughters but he's raised them since they were tiny girls in diapers so they are his heart and he is theirs.  Justain is his biological son from this marriage and the only boy of 5 in his Mom's side of his family.

Winston and Emmalee are my oldest two babies, from my previous marriage.  Laycie is my baby girl and Emma says she is our Angel!  Josh complete agrees and as the only Daddy she knows, she holds his heart in her hand.

Jackson is our expected addition, due in September but arriving in late August via c-section.

They are all a huge part of my heart and fill my days with more joy than they can ever know!

Winston, Emmalee and Laycie are homeschooled both for health reasons and because it was actually something my ex-husband and I agreed upon when they were little.

Emmalee, Laycie and I all have familial Epilepsy which we recently received an exact diagnoses type for Laycie of Rolandic Epilepsy with BCECTS seizures.  This is a huge part of our lives and a huge part of our blog along with our adventures in home education.

As you can read through my blog, I currently review for several companies.  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine tops the list and is my main reviewing job.  Propeller, Booksneeze, Blogging for Books, Netgalley and a few others are also on that list.  I'm open to doing private reviews as time fits so if you have something you'd be interested in having me review just email me and let me know!

My blog is a family blog and comments are by approval so that we are not bombarded with spam or with unnecessary comments from others who disagree with our ways.

I hope that you enjoy visiting us here on Luv'N Lambert Life!  May God greatly bless your days!

<3 Dana


  1. So nice to meet you!
    Found you at picketfence!

    I am also a mom of many- six- and my daughter has had epilepsy.
    Look forward to connecting with you more!

  2. Bravo for making your own choices!! 2 of my children are in public school but I will be homeschooling my youngest for Kinder next year. A new adventure, for sure.
    I applaud any parent for standing up for what they believe is the best for EACH child.
    Glad to find you on the Welcome Wed. hop.
    -Staying Home and Staying Sane


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