Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIVE Into Your Imagination - Who Live In the Sea? {Crew Review}

Who Lives In The Sea? is a part of the Dive Into Your Imagination series from Annie Crawley.  Ms. Crawley has traveled the world as an underwater photographer, dive instructor and boat captain for more than 15 years and has brought her life at sea to video for all to enjoy.  "I want to share the beauty and wonder of the REAL world.  Come experience the oceans with me!" Ms. Crawley says.

In Who Lives In The Sea? students and parents alike learn more about the ocean and how it works.  You can swim with dolphins, seals and sea lions.  You can see whale sharks as the super big fish they are.  You learn about turtles, the dinosaurs of the sea and about baby bird's families.

Also included in this video are The Ocean Song, the Ocean Alphabet and a special feature called "Helping Your Kids Love the Water".  My children greatly enjoyed viewing this video and learning more about life in the Sea which is a huge part of our own day to day life, living on the Coast of the United States.  The images and animals shared throughout the video are amazing and beautiful.  It is one of the BEST videos we have been asked to view.  We are extremely thankful to Ms. Crawley for creating this wonderful video series to use in our homeschooling.

Dive Into Your Imagination's series includes: Who Lives In The Sea?, What Makes a Fish a Fish? and Dive Into Diversity.  You can purchase each video for $19.95 a piece on Ms. Crawley's website:  Separate Educational guides are available for this set of DVD's.  The guide set is available for $299 per printed set, or $69.95 for single PDF file per video.

For more reviews of Dive Into Your Imagination, please visit the TOS Homeschool Review Crew blog!

*Disclaimer - This video was provided to me free for review by Annie Crawley and the TOS Homeschool Review Crew in exchange for my honest opinion in review of this product.  

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