Monday, July 9, 2012

Great News from Our Recent EEG Study with MUSC

Earlier this month, Emmalee and I went to MUSC for a four day Video EEG study to see if she showed signs of Rolandic Epilepsy or Epilepsy in general or if she had outgrown it.  It was a long week for both of us but in the end we discovered that Emmalee is officially seizure-free!  I am so very thankful for this blessing in our lives.  We have been assured her brain is perfect and working great, with beautiful waves.  According to her doctor she is an extremely smart little girl, but I already knew that!!

This doesn't mean we are done with Epilepsy in our lives.  Laycie still has to take medication to keep hers in control.  Emmalee must be careful of stress and traumatic accidents that could trigger Epilepsy in her again, as once you have Epilepsy it can easily be triggered unexpectedly at any time.  It does mean I can relax and not be overly cautious with her as she grows though.

I am, as always, thankful to God for answering this prayer in our lives and allowing my daughter to continue her life normally.  We are currently going through genetic testing to see if there is a trait that is carrying through since we have spent 5 generations dealing with this disorder.  Though we haven't been able to pinpoint anything as of yet, we are hoping with the new seizure panel that is being developed, that we will be able to locate something.  I will update as we find out more.


  1. That's wonderful Dana! I'm glad she is seizure free...

    Have a wonderful summer!

  2. SO happy for Emmalee! Praise God for His healing of her. :^)


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