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My Take On Magic Mike

There is a lot of controversy in the book and movie industry right now.  Both 50 Shades of Grey and Magic Mike have the world astir with right and wrong.  It's a touchy topic that quickly flames out of hand in most situations.

50 Shades of Grey is not personally something I care to read.  Not that I consider the book bad or people who read it to be wrong.  I am simply not into reading stories about bondage and extreme sex.  It's just not my thing.

I do openly admit that I, along with Josh and two of our close friends, went to see Magic Mike opening weekend.  Reason number one that I watched it was that honestly there wasn't much else to see that looked remotely interesting and I was in the mood for an adult movie.  Reason number two for watching it was that we have several friends and family who do work in the adult industry in some way so it's not a shocking expose for us to see or hear about.  Frankly, it was kind of nice to see the male side of stripping presented instead of the female side for a change.

Truth as I see it is that there are times when these men and women have no choice but to do this type of work to provide themselves an income, a roof over their heads, food for their children and the basic needs.  Yes, they could probably find other ways to make money but they could also find seriously worse ways to make money than dancing erotically in front of people willing to pay them for the show.

Magic Mike is filled with sex, drugs, alcohol, gyrating movements and more but underneath all of that is the story of Mike, a man with a dream who is working his ass off to make it happen.  Mike works several jobs to make money to pay for his home, car and begin the business of his dreams.  He's turned down by bank after bank for loans to begin his furniture business and because of this, he continues to work in the industries he can to make the money he needs to fund his dream.  Mike meets Kid, who he teaches the industry when Kid begins following him around.  He sees a lot of himself in the Kid and takes him under his wing, showing him life and bailing him out when Kid gets in over his head.

There are many situations in the movie that can be frowned upon: sex, drugs, drinking but the truth is these are the things that happen to people even in office jobs each and every day.  It's true life shown in Hollywood imagery and in my opinion, in order to change, it needs to be seen and not ignored.

In the end, Kid stays with the industry out of his own grown choice and Magic Mike quits.  He gets the girl of his dreams and begins a normal life continuing to work towards his goal of his own business.  The story doesn't tell you if he makes it, but it leads you to believe he will which is what the movie is set to hope for all along.

Though I know there are about 75% of my readers, friends, and family who disagree with this movie, I found it to not be as bad as it's made out once I looked past the sexual publicity and into the storyline itself.  I'm sure someone will completely disagree with what I have written here and by no means am I saying go out and see this movie yourself but I am saying never judge a book by it's cover, or a movie by it's scenes.  It is what it is and overall the movie wasn't half bad.  But once again, that is just my opinion.


Forgot to add this originally so I'm editing it to add it in:
Josh and I went to see this movie together, as a couple, with another couple who are good friends of ours.  The theater was filled with women who went with their girlfriends to see it and I don't know the boundaries and expectations of their relationships but I do know mine.  There were a handful of men in the theater and it was completely sold out.

Josh's take on the movie was much like mine.  He's been into strip clubs before he met me.  He knows many people who make their living there.  Some are close friends and family who mean the world to him.  We respect the fact they have a job and take care of themselves in any way when they could be living with no job, struggling to make ends meet everyday.

I didn't come home from watching this movie thinking about Tatum Channing in my bedroom or any of the other actors in the movie.  I didn't come home hot and bothered wanting to have sex with anyone except for Josh.  I, personally, don't work that way and neither does he.  We talk about movies like this, about sex and about things we like and dislike sexually and it creates a stronger bond in our relationship.  We don't need to see a movie or read a book to make that happen.  It's just there as it should be.

Now this is all probably a little TMI for some of you, but I wanted to make sure it's understood that seeing this movie, for us, was not a sexual exploit in any way.  It was a choice to see a movie about a man who works as an exotic dancer to make ends meet.  It was a choice to view something to better understand things we already know and are exposed to in our life.  And as always we came out laughing and joking and sharing with each other, making our relationship stronger in the end.


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  1. I love this post! Well said. I haven't seen the movie but I want to and I have the exact same feeling about "50".


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