Monday, July 16, 2012

Professor B Math

Any homeschooling Mom knows that Math can be one tough subject to teach but Professor B Math does it's best to make Math easy to teach and easy to learn.  Professor B Math is an interactive Math program, created to help educators create a strong foundation for students.  It's structured to provide a math education that teaches math as a flowing and connected story as a process.

Professor B Math provides truth in Math too, showing students a less complicated system of learning math facts and problem solving.  This allows for a more thorough understanding of math and it's concepts.  It also helps to expand the students mental capacity while learning math.

Professor B Math is for students in grades Pre-K through 8th.  It helps provide a thorough math education through simplifying mathematical methods and facts.  You can purchase Professor B Math products online through the website by individual book, from addition all the way to Algebra.

You can also purchase a membership to their e-Learning program on the website in three levels: Level I - Pre-k through 2nd and remediation of older learners, Level II - 3rd through 5th and remediation of older learners, and Level III - 6th through 8th and remediation of older learners.  Professor B provides a placement test so that you don't waste money where it isn't need and can place your child at the correct mathematical level in the e-Learning program.  You can purchase one level of Math for $20 a month, add an additional level for another $15 a month and a third level for another additional $10 a month.  Or you can purchase 3 years of use for this program for $100 by calling Professor B Math at 678-765-6655.  There is also a free trial available by calling for those who would like to try out the program before purchasing.

Each level of e-Learning provides you with an Instant Master Teacher workbook and answer key, video's to help teach the lessons with you as the narrator, as well as a completion certificate.  Because you are the teacher, Professor B does not provide sound with the lesson videos.  The workbook contains the student lessons and printable worksheets for student usage as they learn the lessons.  The exercises are simple, yet fun.  Student concepts are slowed down in comparison to other math curriculums, yet they do throw in a few exercises that challenge the student at the same time.

I found this program to be fairly good.  It seemed a bit remedial and in workbook style educationally but was honestly a great edition to our homeschooling curriculum.  I will most likely continue to use this program as a beginning math for my pre-k'er and also as extra practice for my older students as I found it helpful for all in some way or another.

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*Disclaimer: A subscription for this product was provided to me free by Professor B Math and the TOS SchoolHouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest opinion in a review.

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